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HogWild chats with a Jew hating Nazi freak! This folks, is REALLY scary.

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Best of HogWild's FUNNY CHATS

From time to time HogWild will log on to various Chats, mostly regarding subjects he knows little or nothing about.  So in an effort to proclaim his stupidity, we present to you another inane conversation with HogWild.

This prick was spouting some anti-Semitic bullsh!t in a chat room so I decided to talk to him one-on-one. Not revealing that I was Jewish, I played along with him just to see how serious he was. And man, he's serious!

It's scary to think that people like him exist in this world. He really believes the stuff he says. I'm attempting to expose his ignorance with this Chat, but watch out if you are easily offended, because this guy is off the hook with his racism! He thinks it's his job is to convert me to his f'ed up beliefs. Watch how it unfolds. I'm the one chatting with the nick Sherwood.


<sherwood> why do you hate Jews?
<NOTaPINKO> they are the scums of the earth
<NOTaPINKO> they dominate the world
<NOTaPINKO> they control the world economy
<NOTaPINKO> they start wars
<NOTaPINKO> they create economic crises
<sherwood> ok, how do they dominate the world?
<sherwood> i thought we dominated the world
<sherwood> America
<NOTaPINKO> with economy of course and through american power
<NOTaPINKO> economical political and military
<NOTaPINKO> and america is control from who?
<sherwood> how is America controlled by the Jews?
<sherwood> this is the first ever Jew ever to even be CONSIDERED as a V.P.
<NOTaPINKO> economy
<sherwood> hey i thought Alan Greenspan was GOOD for the economy
<sherwood> he is helping all of us!
<sherwood> so what if he's jewish?
<sherwood> the richest in america aren't jewish
<sherwood> Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Larry Ellison
<sherwood> all white software geeks
<sherwood> do you just hate Jews because a Jew nailed your mom or something?
<NOTaPINKO> jews are not individual pressure groups
<NOTaPINKO> they are lobbys
<NOTaPINKO> they opperate as a unit
<NOTaPINKO> thats their conspiracy
<sherwood> oh
<sherwood> well now you got me scared
<sherwood> i know 3 jews
<sherwood> but they do not know each other
<sherwood> are you saying they operate covertly?

Of course I know where he's going with this. This is right out of the Nazi-Handbook.

<sherwood> they all know each other, my 3 jew associates?
<NOTaPINKO> they work under the same "firm"
<NOTaPINKO> they control the massons
<NOTaPINKO> they control bussiness sectors
<NOTaPINKO> vital
<sherwood> but do my 3 Jew associates actually KNOW each other
<NOTaPINKO> media
<sherwood> i need to know this
<NOTaPINKO> they work for the same boss
<NOTaPINKO> aticristian zionism
<sherwood> ok, but do they specifically KNOW each other
<NOTaPINKO> what does it matter if they do or not
<NOTaPINKO> they have the same cause
<sherwood> so you say they all meet together?
<sherwood> how do they communicate with each other?
<NOTaPINKO> spreading zionism power
<NOTaPINKO> throught there leaders 
<sherwood> who are their leaders?
<NOTaPINKO> and there lobbys

Nazis were always known for their efficiency, not grammar.

<NOTaPINKO> they work as massons do
<sherwood> who are massons?
<NOTaPINKO> massons are millions politicians , bussines men, religiouis leaders
<NOTaPINKO> tha operate secreatly for the cause of promoting cia interest

Apparently the Jews also control all of the World's spellcheckers, because this nub couldn't even spell Fuhrer if Hitler himself was in the room.

<sherwood> ok, so who tells the Jews what to do?
<NOTaPINKO> and through cia they serve zionism too
<sherwood> Jackie Mason?
<sherwood> Steven Spielberg?
<sherwood> i thought Spielberg was busy making movies about Dinosaurs?
<NOTaPINKO> he is an evol one
<sherwood> is there a hidden Zionist message in Jurassic Park?
<NOTaPINKO> nope
<sherwood> oh
<NOTaPINKO> but there are in other of his mouvies
<sherwood> i thought there was
<sherwood> i thought it was suspicious when the T-Rex had a hook-nose
<sherwood> tell me about the Zionist motives in his other movies
<sherwood> like E.T.
<sherwood> i notice that the girl gave E.T. Reese's Pieces, NOT bacon
<sherwood> in Jaws,
<sherwood> the Shark ate human meat
<sherwood> but never washed it down with milk
<NOTaPINKO> its called socialistic realism

This idiot is not catching on to my sarcasm. He's in the zone. The freakin' Nazi Twilight Zone.

<sherwood> explain please
<NOTaPINKO> hidden zionism messages through mouvies and cinema
<NOTaPINKO> tv in general
<NOTaPINKO> media of usa is a good examble
<sherwood> tell me some examples so i can guard myself
<NOTaPINKO> gulf war
<sherwood> for instance, my favorite show is the Jamie Foxx show on the WB
<NOTaPINKO> palestinian struggle
<sherwood> are there hidden zionist messages going thru Jamie Foxx's dialogue?
<NOTaPINKO> its all about serving the israel interst
<sherwood> are there hidden Zionist messages on Who wants to be a Millionaire?
<sherwood> Wait! 
<sherwood> there is !
<sherwood> i never noticed a Jewish contestant
<sherwood> why?
<NOTaPINKO> of course
<sherwood> because they're all ALREADY millionaires!
<NOTaPINKO> many of the symbols of the show have to do with zionism
<sherwood> explain please
<sherwood> you mean the Dollar sign?
<sherwood> i did notice Regis' liver spots formed a Jewish Star
<sherwood> but maybe i'm paranoid
<NOTaPINKO> its the "good" zionist giving money to the people
<sherwood> i see now
<sherwood> i thought america aids Israel bc they are the only Democracy in the Middle East
<sherwood> we give aid to all democracies-- even Russia
<NOTaPINKO> if the jews were in controol,of the sports in italy they would have reforme them in the american style
<sherwood> we support even quasi-democracies in Central America
<sherwood> you would rather give money to the Arabs then the Jews?

This was my attempt to catch him in what I call the "Racist's Dilemma." Who is he supposed to hate more? I figured most xenophobic Americans would hate Arabs because of what the Libyans, Syrians, Iranians and Iraqis have done. Guess I underestimated his Jew-Hate potential.

<NOTaPINKO> when you go to the much you see the antisemitism sings all over the place
<NOTaPINKO> sports are muss gatherings sports
<sherwood> the same fundamentalist governments who fund terrorism
<sherwood> so how did you learn all this cool stuff?
<NOTaPINKO> they were use from massonic control goverments to idealize reality
<sherwood> i was never taught this in school
<sherwood> it must have been my Rich Jew teachers!

This never made sense to me. Traditionally, many educators are Jewish. But according to the racists, Jews have all the money. But teachers don't make any money. I guess all Jewish teachers are married to wealthy Jewish Media executives who moonlight part time as Doctors/Lawyers.

<NOTaPINKO> to create an illusion about theire reality
<sherwood> i thought heroin was used to idealize and create illusions about reality
<NOTaPINKO> all latina america dictatorships were using sports to allocate the interst of the people
<sherwood> are you in an anti-Jew organization that I can join?
<sherwood> i was in the Boy Scouts, but we were anti-homosexual, not Jew
<NOTaPINKO> i can t tell
<NOTaPINKO> jews are watching
<NOTaPINKO> are you faggot too?
<sherwood> you mean the Jews control the internet?!
<NOTaPINKO> they watch it
<sherwood> i thought Al Gore invented the Internet!
<sherwood> oh
<NOTaPINKO> using echelon systems
<sherwood> well, can you at least point me in the right direction
<sherwood> how can i protect my children from the evil Hebrews
<NOTaPINKO> dont sent them to boys scouts
<NOTaPINKO> red cross
<NOTaPINKO> organizations
<sherwood> ?
<sherwood> oh
<NOTaPINKO> massons mouvements 
<NOTaPINKO> lions clups
<sherwood> ya know, i bet these jews made up that whole holocaust thing too

The question: will he go that far? The answer: you can bet your 3rd Reich on it!

<NOTaPINKO> sure
<sherwood> but what about all those pictures i've seen
<sherwood> the movies
<NOTaPINKO> it was a creation to force the world the idea of a israel state
<NOTaPINKO> the motherland of the evol

What's this evol stuff? Is it that he can't spell, or is evol some play on words that all the hip White Supremacists use?

<sherwood> the people testifying, the trials, the "evidence"
<NOTaPINKO> what did i tell you before?
<sherwood> oh, just like how the Jews made that movie of Americans landing on the moon
<NOTaPINKO> zionism realism
<sherwood> all fabricated?
<sherwood> wow, those Jews sure are sneaky!
<sherwood> i bet they even fixed the World Series so the Yankees would win so much
<sherwood> Jew York City!
<NOTaPINKO> you are right
<sherwood> I'm learning!
<NOTaPINKO> billary is a jew lover
<sherwood> really?
<sherwood> i thought she hated jews
<NOTaPINKO> she needs their aproval
<NOTaPINKO> she took a stance of bucking the jews holocaust of palestinias
<NOTaPINKO> she needs them 
<NOTaPINKO> with out them she wouldnt be there now
<sherwood> do you think Israel should go to the Palestinians?
<sherwood> I mean, aren't the Arabs just Jew-cousins
<sherwood> both have hooked noses and control business

Fear not my Arab brothers. I still love you. I'm just trying to bait this bastard.

<NOTaPINKO> of course not
<sherwood> oil
<sherwood> Arabs are no better than Jews
<NOTaPINKO> araps are freedom fighters
<NOTaPINKO> especially hezbolah hamas
<sherwood> fightinh for control of the world vs the Jews
<sherwood> The Jews control the world
<sherwood> the Arabs want to beat them at their own game
<sherwood> arabs are no good
<NOTaPINKO> fighting of jewish dictatorship
<sherwood> if you had to list, in order, the worst peoples on earth, how would it go?
<NOTaPINKO> are you a commie?
<NOTaPINKO> a pinko?
<sherwood> Jews up top of course
<sherwood> i am a proud White American

I capitalized "White" to let him know I was "down" with his whole Aryan game.

<NOTaPINKO> ofcourse
<NOTaPINKO> massons
<sherwood> then who?
<NOTaPINKO> niggers
<sherwood> ok
<sherwood> then fags?
<sherwood> what about spics?
<NOTaPINKO> faggots too
<NOTaPINKO> of course
<sherwood> then who?
<sherwood> Redskins?
<NOTaPINKO> pinkos
<sherwood> Japs?
<NOTaPINKO> chinks
<sherwood> then who
<sherwood> Eskimos?
<NOTaPINKO> commies
<sherwood> after commies?
<NOTaPINKO> russians-soviet
<sherwood> what about Pollacks?
<sherwood> Catholics?
<NOTaPINKO> nope
<NOTaPINKO> just the catholic massonist
<sherwood> whats the difference
<sherwood> the Micks in Ireland?
<NOTaPINKO> they are jews collaborators
<sherwood> i thought Catholics hated Jews
<NOTaPINKO> as the liberationa theology in latina america are
<NOTaPINKO> (commies colaborators)
<sherwood> i see
<NOTaPINKO> true catholics do
<sherwood> how about Australians?
<sherwood> Rupert Murdoch's News Corp/Fox media empire
<NOTaPINKO> just the aboriginals and the asians immigrants
<sherwood> do you think Murdoch is controlled by the Jews?
<sherwood> he owns so much Media in the U.S.
<NOTaPINKO> fox media is on our side
<sherwood> yeah, i love COPS and those Police Video shows
<sherwood> so if I only watch Fox I should be okay?
<NOTaPINKO> you are on a good start

That explains why this guy is a nut! Watching Fox all day would drive anyone insane!

<sherwood> but in my area Fox shows syndicated reruns of Seinfeld
<sherwood> Seinfeld is all Jew!
<sherwood> can't be good
<sherwood> And Murdoch owns the NY Post Newspaper
<sherwood> it is 100% liberal
<sherwood> backed Hillary for Senate
<sherwood> i think you are brainwashed
<NOTaPINKO> its the struggle within the corporation
<sherwood> you don't realize the penetration of the Zionists
<NOTaPINKO> jews are trying to get the control
<sherwood> oh
<sherwood> ok, i have to go out and get some milk
<NOTaPINKO> not one of jews interest
<sherwood> do the Jews control the 1%, 2% or skim milk production?
<sherwood> did you know they eat cows tongue!
<sherwood> devils!
<NOTaPINKO> it deppends on the brand
<sherwood> what brands are Jew?
<sherwood> i need to know!
<sherwood> my kids drink milk!
<sherwood> they cant drink the milk of heathen Jews!
<sherwood> my kids like chocolate milk
<sherwood> do the Jews run Hershey?
<NOTaPINKO> maybe
<sherwood> i hope not
<sherwood> otherwise i need to get Nestle
<sherwood> and they're french
<sherwood> to me, the French are on top of the list, even above the jews!
<NOTaPINKO> swiss
<sherwood> oh, ok
<sherwood> Swiss are ok
<sherwood> at least they tried to steal the Jews money
<sherwood> shows they are at least trying...
<sherwood> thanks for all the kkknowledge
<sherwood> ;)

Yup, I've stooped to Klan jokes. I wonder if the Klan and Skinheads get along.

<NOTaPINKO> frenc areas are socialists
<sherwood> wait a second
<sherwood> i just thought of something
<sherwood> my wife was really sick a few years back
<sherwood> cancer
<sherwood> the doctor who helped her was Jewish
<sherwood> why would he help?
<NOTaPINKO> probably was nothing
<sherwood> so you think he just told us it was cancer to scare us?
<NOTaPINKO> he just acted as an eternal jew
<sherwood> ?
<NOTaPINKO> invented a sickneess to get your dollars
<sherwood> makes sense!
<sherwood> but they performed a masectomy!
<sherwood> those Jew bastards cut off my wife's breast for money!
<sherwood> BASTARDS!!!!!!!
<NOTaPINKO> and thats the sick part of the situation
<NOTaPINKO> shows how evol zionism are

Ok, this dumbass is beyond the realm of my understanding. Doesn't he realize that without the Jewish people there'd be no Three Stooges! No Billy Crystal! No Barbra Streisand! Oh Jeez. On behalf of the Jewish people, I'd like to apologize for Barbra Streisand. 

<sherwood> that's it!
<sherwood> i've had it
<sherwood> i'm moving to Montana
<sherwood> where there are no Jews
<sherwood> no TV's
<sherwood> just me and my family and my guns
<sherwood> i cant take this!
<NOTaPINKO> who you voted?
<sherwood> jew run society!
<NOTaPINKO> pat i hope

Now you see what kind of voter Pat Buchanan attracts.

<sherwood> ok, i really need to get my milk
<NOTaPINKO> why?
<sherwood> because the Jews command me!
<sherwood> :)
<NOTaPINKO> heil

Go Heil yourself gas-hole. I don't understand why these Nazi-types even live in America. America went to WAR against the Nazi's. A true American believes in DEMOCRACY not fascism. Freedom of Speech and the American Dream. Not stomping on people's rights and racial exclusion. Why is there so much hate in this nub's heart? I think it' s probably because he has a really small Jammy. Why else would he be so angry? I mean, my Jammy is nothing to shake a twig at, but I'm not that angry. A little sexually frustrated, but not angry. The best I can hope is that his daughter marries a Jew and they give him little Jewish grandchildren. Maybe then he'll hang himself.



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