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Christmas Gifts Survey, Naked Journalist doinks Prostitute, DMX tries to write, disgruntled Pilots, Ally McBeal collapses!, No Doo-Doo on Stage for Bloodhound Gang, Japanese women get groped, Giant Commie Pandas, Texas kills more people, George W. Bush names staff, Wyclef Jean goes to Carnegie Hall, Robert Downey, Jr. to run for President?, no more Seinfeld, crazy homeless crack whores in NYC.  All the News and jokes you expect from HogWild News!


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HogWild News is a fictionalized account of actual news. So like duh, the quotes are made up.

HogWild News Network International is brought to you by Minnesota Grape De-Icer. Stop using dangerous ice-scrapers on your Grapes! In the Winter deep-freeze, grapes get icy. De-ice ‘em with one spray of the Minnesota Grape De-Icer!

  O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree-- what gifts do you hold for me? GIMME MY GIFTS TREE! ~ A Christmas survey showed that men spend more time looking for gifts for their bosses than for their wives, but women spend more time shopping for their pets than their spouses.

This wouldn’t happen if spouses remembered the truth. Your wife is the boss and your husband is a dog. Problem solved.

~ A Hong Kong online newspaper has kicked up a fuss with its ``investigative'' report on the local sex trade that includes a video clip of a naked journalist and a prostitute engaging in sex.

The 16-minute online video shows a journalist making his way through a seedy prostitution area, picking up a prostitute and then going to a room where they have sex for several minutes.

There are clues that this online newspaper is not a 100% legitimate member of the reporting media. First, the Hong Kong reporter was described as “Privates Investigator Kok N. Han.” Second, the Meteorologist is a woman who, to demonstrate an upcoming cold front, dumped a bucket of ice cubes into her bikini top.

I'm hung like a dog. A poodle.~ Hip-hop star DMX has sold his memoir, ``A Dogz Life,'' to HarperCollins. DMX plans to chronicle his troubled childhood, multiple arrests and career as an actor and rapper. The book will have an inspirational slant.

Said the rapper, QUOTE: “I wanna let my young dogs know that nobody can stand in the way of your dreams of becoming a big dog. Nah mean? Cuz when you keep it real fo’ yo’ dogs, yo’ dogs keepin’ it real fo’ you. And that’s real. You know ma steez.”

The book so far has received critical acclaim. One reviewer penned QUOTE: “DMX has overcome it all to write this book. Poverty, crime, and most of all—a complete ignorance of English grammar.”



~  Delta Air Lines said it would cut its flight schedule by 100 to 125 flights a day as more pilots have declined overtime flying, and it would seek a court order to curb the ongoing slowdown by its pilots, who are in contract talks.  

In related news, passengers are said to be ecstatic and even eager to entrust their lives to overworked, disgruntled pilots who are being forced to work over the holidays. Said one typical holiday traveler QUOTE: “I don’t care who flies me to my parents as long as I can save a few bucks. Besides, an airplane kinda looks like a cross if you hold it upright. That would be just too ironic. Ya know, to die on a cross on Christmas.”

Calista had gotten so skinny, her nipples fell inside her chest.~ Calista Flockhart collapsed on the set of her Fox sitcom and was briefly hospitalized.

The emaciated star of Ally McBeal had reportedly taken a very deep breath and momentarily disappeared. When she exhaled, she reappeared, sprawled across the floor in exhaustion.

Flockhart still denies having an eating disorder despite the recent collapse and loss of bone density, toe nails, and the inability to swat flies from her rotting hair.


~ After pressure from local police, the Bloodhound Gang canceled their show in Boise, Idaho.

At issue were instances when the band repeatedly paid fans to expose themselves, vomit, defecate and urinate on stage.

According to a statement issued by band management, the Bloodhound Gang "decided to cancel this date rather than conform to the community's conservative standards by compromising their integrity and level of entertainment in their live shows."

Added the group’s lead singer, QUOTE: “How can we be expected perform under these conditions?! We’re artists! If I can’t be inspired by the pee of strangers and the caramel of unclean women, then I can’t sing! This is an outrage! What ever happened to Freedom of Speech? Defecation is speech too— if you’d only listen.”

In related news, we have listened. And it sounds like this: Bwipfi-oooooo. 


~ A Japanese railway company will run special female-only carriages on its trains over this year's holiday season in an effort to protect women from drunken gropers.

Many women want not only men to be excluded from the cars, but also female pro-bowlers with thick legs and short spiky haircuts. Said one lady QUOTE: “The drunk men, they just grab our butts. But the drunken dykes, they twist our nipples until they’re purple.”


You'd think after 40 years the Astros would get their uniforms updated in today's fashions.~ Two astronauts from NASA's space shuttle Endeavour completed the second spacewalk of their 11-day mission, once again working on the $600 million solar array on the International Space Station.

The other astronauts on board did not go on the spacewalk reasoning, QUOTE: “Ah, it’s a little chilly out there today. Besides, up here I can eat all I want and not gain any weight! I deserve to splurge. I’ll do my walking tomorrow.”

I look so cuddly people forget that I can tear their face off their skull with one swipe of my fierce claws.~ The U.S. National Zoo has prettied up the empty panda cage, readying it for Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, two young giant pandas that the zoo hopes will spark the same mania as Washington's ``first couple'' did nearly 30 years ago.

To secure the rare and very popular animals from China, the American Government had only to promise to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to China’s ongoing human rights abuses. Now with President Bush ready to take office, China is assured to be treated to the complete trio of Blind, Deaf, and Dumb.

While the United States has been working to normalize relations with the Communist power, it has still refused to send an official ambassador. But after these new talks, the U.S. agreed to send AOL-TimeWarner’s V.P. of Global Marketing to China. Admitted an anonymous White House staffer, “It’s basically the same thing anyway.”


~ Texas broke its own U.S. record for executions in a year. The lethal injection of Garry Miller gave Texas 38 executions this year, the most by any state since U.S. authorities began keeping death penalty records in 1930.

Governor Bush defended the record by popping champagne and yelling at his secretary to QUOTE: “Get those Guinness Book people on the phone!” When asked if he believed the Death Penalty was

working as it should to deter crime, Bush answered QUOTE: “Well of course! That’s why we’re fying up a lot more scum!” And when asked if the Death Penalty conflicted with his religious convictions Bush replied QUOTE: “Aw, heck no. I know in the Bible it says only God shall pass judgement and that we should forgive all sins in the name of Christ. But look, that stuff don’t apply to TEXAS!”


~ The cost of mailing a first-class letter in the United States will climb a penny to 34 cents the U.S. Postal Service announced.

This means HogWild’s mother will have to modify her incessant nag to, “What? Am I not worth 34 cents?”


~ British comic actor Dudley Moore, who is suffering from a degenerative brain disorder, said he was ``hurt and discouraged'' by reports suggesting he was near death.

Explained Moore, QUOTE: “It’s only my CAREER that is near-death. I’m actually doing okay. I just hope they don’t replace me in Arthur 3 with that hideous Charlie Sheen.”


~  Former President George Bush had surgery to replace his left hip and is doing well.

He can now go back to the job of serving out his second term through the façade of his son’s administration. Three members of George W. Bush’s staff were also on George Sr.’s staff. Coincidence? Rumor is Dan Quayle will be named Secretary of Education. 


~ A pianist who says he co-wrote some of rock 'n' roller Chuck Berry's greatest hits is suing for millions in royalties from songs like ``Roll Over Beethoven'' and ``Sweet Little Sixteen.'' Johnnie Johnson, in a federal lawsuit, said Berry took advantage of Johnson's alcoholism and misled him into believing that only Berry was entitled to the copyrights.

Berry sang out in his defense, QUOTE: “Johnny be Good or you can swing from My Ding-a-ling!” This amusing sing-song testimony was so delightful the judge dismissed the charges. In his remarks though, the Judge did admit it was likely that at least SOMEONE was drunk when the lyrics to such songs as “My Ding-a-ling” and “No Particular Place to Go” were created.


~ Hip-hop is coming to Carnegie Hall. Wyclef Jean announced plans to headline a charity concert at the venerable concert hall, making him the first hip-hop headliner there.

So now the old joke has to be updated: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Sample. Sample. Sample.


Cokehead in ChiefFuture GOP Candidate?~ Palm Springs police have filed felony drug charges against Robert Downey Jr. and--pending the final word from prosecutors--the oft-troubled actor may not see another shot at redemption for a long time.

Downey put it perspective, QUOTE: “In another 15 years when I run for President, this will all be very amusing.”  

~ Former ``Seinfeld'' sidekick Julia Louis-Dreyfus is opening the door to a possible small-screen return. Over the past few weeks, Louis-Dreyfus has been meeting with top programming execs at most of the major networks.

However after the Michael Richards Show disaster, it’s most likely the only time the Seinfeld cast will re-appear on TV is for a Reunion Special hosted by John Ritter. 


~ In New York City, a 3-year-old boy fell out of a moving subway car to his death as his mother looked on when a sliding door leading to the next car apparently jolted open.

In typical New York fashion, as the young boy fell out of the car to his death, all the passengers turned away and avoided making eye contact with the hysterical mother. When asked how they could be so cold and calloused, one New Yorker explained QUOTE: “In New York you see it all. I just figured the mom to be some kind of homeless crack whore who was trying to con us into giving her money to feed her, you know, crazy crack addiction. I mean, how was I supposed to know the kid wasn’t in on the deal? It’s like that veteran-guy who rides the D train. He pretends not to have any legs. But I’ve seen him walking. I know because I was there with him when we stood on line to be extras for a taping of the Sopranos.  


-The Hog-Wild News Network International has been compiled from various sources including but not limited to the Daily Newspapers, Internet Findings, Popular Magazines, and your mom.

Reproduction of this newscast, such as charging admission for its retelecast while not offering a cold beverage, without prior written consent will be considered sexual harassment and is punishable by law, lawyers, and rednecks with shotguns. 

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