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Dating Coach HogWild will help your relationship or dating life with his helpful and hilarious dating advice.

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French jokes: French Body Odor... Never Before Have I Hated Breezes

Dating Advice: Don't be a Braggathor (How to Show off Without Bragging)

Dating Advice: If a person cheated in a past relationship, is it likely they will cheat on you, too?

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome: How to Destroy Negative Thoughts to See your True Awesomeness

Dating Advice: My man never wants sex! 9 Reasons Why He Ignores Your Hoo-ha

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome: The Power of Appreciation

Dating Advice: How long to keep a girl's phone number if you get no response

Dating Advice: How to immediately screen out the psychos

Dating Advice: How to get over your Ex

Dating Advice: My boyfriend is insecure and trying to make me jealous of other girls

Dating Advice: Tips for your first time living with a girlfriend or boyfriend

Dating Advice: If you want your man to take the lead, then don't make this mistake AKA How to get your man to be more assertive and make decisions

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome: The Power of Great Expectations

Dating Advice: The Bullpoop Series: "A man reaches his sexual peak at 18"

Dating Advice: The Bullpoop Series: "A woman doesn’t reach her sexual peak until her 30's"

Dating Advice: How Ugly Guys Get Girls AKA Girls tell me I'm too unattractive so they won't date me

Dating Advice: How TV Comedies Can Poison Your Relationship AKA The Pain of Your Words

Dating Advice: How to find out the real reason for the break-up

Dating Advice: The guy I like is now in a relationship with another girl and I can't get him out of my mind

Dating Advice: How to react when your partner gives you a gift you don't like

Dating Advice: How do I tell my girlfriend that I don't like her being friends with her ex... without sounding like a control-freak?

Dating Advice: 8 Awesome Tips for the 1st Time you have Sex with a New Person of the Sexy Sex

Dating Advice: Avoid this #1 Mistake that makes Conversations with New People Boring

Dating Advice: How to know if a person is losing interest in you by reading their body language

Dating Advice: 7 More Ways You are Being Unattractive

Dating Advice: 7 Ways You are Being Unattractive

Dating Advice: The 3 Raw Ingredients of How to get a Woman and Keep Her

Dating Advice: How to politely excuse yourself from a conversation

Dating Advice: Does size matter? (We're talking about your boink-stick)

Dating Advice: Relationship Saver or Relationship Killer: the Magic and Danger of Time Apart

Dating Advice: How to recover from saying the wrong name in bed

Dating Advice: Why tentative plans = no plans (Why girls flake out on your dates)

Dating Advice: How to rate girls looks + why it's important for a guy to know a girl's rating for approaching her

Dating Advice: How to win the affection of a girl who does not trust men

Dating Advice: How to be aggressive but not over eager (for both men and women)

Dating Advice: How to be more sexual with new girls AKA How to get a girl to talk about sex within five minutes

Dating Advice: My girlfriend is constantly checking her ex-boyfriend's online profile!

Dating Advice: Should I let my hair go gray or color it for the ladies?

Dating Advice: The sexual chemistry is hot but he's young enough to be my son!

Dating Advice: What to do when your partner asks for a break

Dating Advice: How to have dominant sex with a girl AKA How to be more dominant in bed with a girl

Dating Advice: Why doesn’t my girlfriend want sex as much as I do? AKA Why do girls have to be in the mood for sex?

Dating Advice: Is it OK for a couple to fart around each other?

Dating Advice: How to stay beautiful after being hurt by men

Dating Advice: What kinds of things do girls like to hear? AKA How to Sweet Talk a Girl

Dating Advice: How to get your partner to stop acting like a spoiled child.

Dating Advice: My mom almost caught me having sex! How can I make her less angry with me? And my boyfriend is mad, too!

Dating Advice: I lied to my girlfriend about something stupid and she's hurt. How can I fix the situation?

Dating Advice: The Bullpoop Series: "Relationships are about Compromise" BULLPOOPY!

Dating Advice: How to form an emotional bond without looking weak

Dating Advice: This hot new girl at the club was into me but then she suddenly lost interest and left to go dancing without me. What did I do wrong?

Dating Advice: There is a rumor that my boyfriend is cheating. How should I handle this?

Dating Advice: How long should a guy last during sex?

Dating Advice: My last partner cheated and now I'm paranoid! How can I be more trusting?

Dating Advice: Love is all you need... Or is it?

Dating Advice: How to increase your chances of that new guy calling you

Dating Advice: Should I date a girl who I don't find entirely physically attractive?

Jenn Brown Pics: Hot Female Sports Reporter

Dating Advice: I am a big girl and I wish guys would like my curves. Is it simply a maturity problem on their part? (How to find a man who likes big girls)

Dating Advice: Avoid these Tragic Mistakes when Complimenting a New Woman (How to compliment a woman to get her wanting you)

Dating Advice: What are the rules for texting back a girl?

Dating Advice: I think my boyfriend is cheating on me! How can I find out?

Dating Advice: I don't want the girl I'm seeing (but not yet in a relationship with) to date other guys!

Dating Advice: My boyfriend is an addict and he always wants to party. I've caught him lying. Will he leave me for a girl who likes to party with him?

Dating Advice: How do I get a boyfriend while being very fat?

Dating Advice: The girl I'm dating is sweet to me one minute, then cold to me to the next. (+ How to date a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend)

Dating Advice: Things have suddenly gone bad and my partner won't talk about it.

Dating Advice: This hot girl said I was cute! I got her number. How can I play it cool while still showing interest? ( + 4 Steps, D.F.I.U.)

Dating Advice: How do I let my girlfriend know that I don't want to play games and I just want a loyal partner?

Dating Advice: Tips for getting over someone and moving on (+ How to be 100% certain to break-up the relationship)

Dating Advice: Should I really be with my girlfriend?

Dating Advice: Is 4 months a long time for a relationship? (The Importance of the Test of Time)

Dating Advice: After our fight, my boyfriend hasn't call me. (+ How to be 100% right with your logic but 100% wrong with your voice.)

Dating Advice: I think I came off as too sexual, how do I repair what I've done?

Dating Advice: Should you take back someone who cheats and, if so, under what circumstance?

Dating Advice: My boyfriend of one year wants a time-out because I don't like to leave the house.

Dating Advice: How to get girls without spending money

Dating Advice: How to meet more guys in person without ever having to risk rejection

Dating Advice: How do I get my ex-girlfriend back?

Dating Advice: My partner is no longer making me a priority! ( + The 1 thing 99% of couples DON'T do, but it can SAVE a relationship)

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome... How to Be Fearless, Part 2

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome... How to Be Fearless, Part 1

Dating Advice: How do I show guys that I'm not just a sex toy?

Dating Advice: How to answer when she asks you, 'Do these pants make me look fat?' and other impossible questions

Dating Advice: How do I know if she likes me?

Dating Advice: This guy only wants me for sex but I still like him. Why?!

Dating Advice: How to gain instant respect from women

Dating Advice: How to Build a Relationship for Failure AKA The Hidden Secret to Relationship Happiness

Dating Advice: Why touching is so important and how to do it

Dating Advice: Six Sex Tips

Dating Advice: What are your tips for guys who live in small towns?

Dating Advice: My boyfriend is donating his sperm for money and I want him to stop!

Dating Advice: How to get new girls to approach you and how to react when they do

Dating Advice: How to get new guys to approach you... and... How to politely dismiss the non-awesome guys while encouraging the super awesome guys

Dating Advice: The 3 Worst Ways to Approach a Girl

Dating Advice: Is it cheating to have sex with someone while in the dating (but not relationship) phase with another person?

Dating Advice: I didn't want a relationship with her but now I feel jealous that she has a boyfriend.

Dating Advice: How to spot a possibly abusive guy BEFORE you get too involved with him!

Dating Advice: I'm dating my ex-girlfriend's best friend and now she wants to break us up.

Dating Advice: It's the best sex ever but she is sooooo dumb.

Dating Advice: The Worst Dating Profile of All-Time!

Dating Advice: The guy I like asked me for a date but then didn't follow up to tell me where he wants to go!

Dating Advice: How to be an awesome geek

Dating Advice: Can a heterosexual male and female be friends and ONLY friends?

Dating Advice: I'm totally confused by this man. Does he want to be my friend or boyfriend?

Dating Advice: The guy I like is a Ladies Man. I want to date him but I don't want him flirting with other girls.

Dating Advice: I have a major crush on my guy-friend and now he's flirting back! But he has a girlfriend.

Dating Advice: Does he only want sex or is he genuinely interested in you?

Dating Advice: Why do I have such a tough time talking to hot chicks?

Dating Advice: Am I the "rebound chick"? And I feel like he's losing feelings for me now that we're apart for a few months.

Dating Advice: How do I get closer to the girl I like in school without annoying her while making her feel special?

Dating Advice: My boyfriend did something so disgusting that my friends think I should dump him! What should I do?

Dating Advice: 4 Great Places to Meet your Next Boyfriend/Girlfriend that You Haven't Tried Yet (Even good for shy people!)

Dating Advice: What kind of hairstyle should I get?

Dating Advice: The ONLY THREE reasons you should EVER text while dating. (All others are bad!)

Dating Advice: Is it better to meet women at night or during the day? + Six places to approach women and which strategies to use.

Dating Advice: I told my friend that I love him but he doesn't feel the same. How can I repair the friendship? Or should I?

Dating Advice: How to get a girl who has a boyfriend

Dating Advice: How do I text a guy suggestively but not so much that he only wants sex when I see him?

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome... Conquering the Fear of Rejection

Dating Advice: This guy calls me his best friend but is very touchy-feely with me. Is he interested in dating or is he just being friendly?

Dating Advice: How do you break-up with a girl because she's a bad kisser without hurting her feelings?

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome... How to be Mega Confident, Part 3 of 3

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome... How to be Mega Confident, Part 2 of 3

Dating Advice: My ex and I lived together and made plans to make a family but now he's with someone else. I'm so confused!

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome... How to tell a Story to Increase Attraction to You, Part 2

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome... How to be Mega Confident, Part 1

Dating Advice: The girl I like is sometimes flirty but other times not. Should I ask her out?

Dating Advice: The Next Level of Awesome... How to Tell a Story that Increases Attraction to You, Part 1

Dating Advice: My friend and I like the same guy but he chose her! What should I do?

Dating Advice: Do you have any tips to make girls laugh?

Dating Advice: How to immediately discover if a person is taken -- and if they are, should you go for them anyway?

Dating Advice: I've finally found chemistry with a guy, but is he just playing with me? And is he the right guy for me anyway?

Dating Advice: Why doesn't this guy who lives far away express his feelings for me when I know he likes me?

Dating Advice: How can I get a person to open up more?

Dating Advice: When does a potential relationship partner graduate from suspect to prospect?

Dating Advice: Things Guys Should Learn Before Entering a Relationship

Dating Advice: How do I know if I look hot or like a prostitute?

Dating Advice: I think my boyfriend is cheating on me but I'm not sure. How do I confront him?

Dating Advice: I need alcohol to approach women but it's screwing me up!

Vote for the winner of the $1000 Dream Date Contest!

Dating Advice: My boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue! Now one month later he's texting me but not calling. Does he want me back?

Dating Advice: I'm young and in college but my fiance wants children... now.

Dating Advice: How do I make it clear to women that I am interested in them (to avoid the Friend Zone) yet still be subtle about it?

How would you Spend $1000 on one Dream Date? (It's a Contest!)

Web site Review: Who Needs Cupid?

Funny Rants: HogWild for President! God Bless, no, HELP America! :)

Funny Rants: World Series Prediction: Tampa Bay Wins! Florida Retirees Riot! Overturn Walkers, Set Fire to their Wheelchairs!

Funny Rants: HOG'O'WEEN: Every Kid's Worst Nightmare! (Evil Halloween pranks to play on children)

Funny Rants: HogWild Drinking Game for the Presidential Debate

Funny Rants: Baseball Playoff Predictions: Jimmy Rollins will Trash Talk to Big Jug of Gatorade

Funny Rants: The Empire Strikes Out: NY May be Shut Out of Playoffs

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Funny Rants: Brett Favre Trades in Packers Green and Gold for Jets Green and Pitiful

Funny Rants: World's Hottest Female Athletes (Pics)

Funny Rants: Players Quitting NBA for Europe! Enjoying Benefits of Euros, German Supermodels, and Relaxed Paternity Laws

Funny Rants: Baseball: NL East Weaker than Rafael Palmeiro's un-medicated Erection

Funny Rants: I pissed off a Hooters Waitress

Funny Rants: Should Brett Favre un-retire? Or should he be an NFL Announcer alongside John Madden, Marv Albert, and Britney Spears' Ass in 1999?

Funny Rants: Baseball's All-Star Wives (Hot Pics!)

Funny Rants: Gay/Love Partnership Broken up... NBA Draft: Rudy Gay, Kevin Love and a very Magic Johnson

Funny Rants: Boston Sports are #1, Boston Pop Singers Stink like #2

Funny Rants: My Father's Day Poem. (Feel Free to send to your Dad!)

Funny Rants: Kobe WHO? It's the LA Laker Girls vs. the Celtics Dancers! Guaranteed to make you Double-Dribble and Drool!

Funny Rants: You're doing it Wrong! How to properly watch the NBA Finals

Funny Rants: How to make Sumo Wrestling more Awesome: Encourage Opponents to do the "Motor Boat"

Funny Rants: The Knicks Should Recruit Homeless People to Play

Funny Rants: Indiana Jones Parody. Indy-Banana Jones: Out of the Closet

Funny Rants: The Best Player Ever named after a Steak

Funny Rants: Kevin Garnett will NOT follow Rod Carew, Kirby Puckett and Prince into Minnesota Mount Rushmore of Beloved Black People

Funny Rants: Which Famous Athletes are Probably Lying about their Age?

Funny Rants: Kansas City Royals Super Surprising Great Start Still not as interesting as even your Average Pair of Female Boobies.

Funny Rants: Danger: Never Date a girl who is a Nymphomaniac Kleptomaniac!

Funny Rants: MILF Madness! Taking-it-like-a-Championship!
Halle Berry vs. Heidi Klum! Find out who wins!

Funny Rants: March MILF Madness! The Final Four-Play!
Halle Berry vs. Salma Hayek. Heidi Klum vs. Angelina Jolie.

Funny Rants: Fantasy Baseball with an Emphasis on the Fantasy: Models, Movie Stars and Ugly Mutts

Funny Rants: March MILF Madness, Amazing 8, Part 2
Heidi Klum vs. Melania Trump, Angelina Jolie vs. Denise Richards

Funny Rants: Craziest Ways to Watch the NCAA Final Four
NOTE: Not responsible for your impending death or dismemberment

Funny Rants: March MILF Madness! Amazing 8, Part 1
Salma Hayek's boobies vs. Brooke Burke's booty, Halle Berry vs. Jenny McCarthy

Funny Rants: Let the Trash Talking Begin! My Triumphant/Pathetic Return to Fantasy Baseball

Funny Rants: March MILF Madness! Sweet Ass 16, Round 2
Heidi Klum vs. Elizabeth Hurley, Melania Trump's big money bags vs. Jennifer Garner, Denise Richards vs. Katie Holmes, Demi Moore vs. Angelina Jolie

Funny Rants: March MILF Madness! Sweet Ass 16, Round 1
Salma Hayek vs. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez vs. Brooke Burke, Pamela Anderson vs. Jenny McCarthy, Halle Berry vs. Gwen Stefani

Funny Rants: 6 Teams that are 666 Cursed!

Funny Rants: Seattle Team gets Hippie Make-over, Players to wear Sandals

Funny Rants: Academy Awards: Fun Facts and Fictions!

Funny Rants: Watch Dwight Crank it, Watch Dwight Roll, Watch Dwight Superman dat Hoop! Superman Dunk Pictures. Superman Dunk Video.

Funny Rants: Boxing Championship: Kelly Pavlik vs. Jermaine Taylor. Fine, Whatever. But can Pavlik beat King Hippo?

Funny Rants: Grammy Awards Highlights: Amy Crackhouse. + Kanye West's New rap name is Lil' B!tch

Funny Rants: Shaquille O'Neal is Best Athlete/Rapper since Walter Payton in Super Bowl Shuffle

Funny Rants: Even while Celebrating Victory, I am Humiliated

Funny Rants: 4 Totally Logical Reasons Why You Should HATE HATE HATE the New England Patriots

Funny Rants: Why watch the Super Bowl when you can watch the Keukenconcurrent Masters of Darts?!

Funny Rants: We are being oppressed by the Elderly

Funny Rants: Brett Favre is the Eli Manning of Quarterbacks

Funny Rants: Six Sexiest Babes of the Bible

Funny Rants: A Personal Bet of Public Humiliation

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Funny Rants: Pictures: Incredible Hulk vs. The Thing: A Love Story

Funny Rants: 2007's Celebrity Highlights, Lowlights and Headlights

Funny Rants: My New Year's Celebrity Predictions on Sex, Relationships & Death for 2008

Funny Rants: Who were the Champions of 2007?

Funny Rants: Mitchell Report Reveals that YOU are the only Person Not on Steroids

Funny Rants: It's a HogWild Hanukah. Learn to Play Naughty Dreidel Games!

Funny Rants: How to Crush your Pelvis & Still get Hot Girls. A Tribute to Evel Knievel.

Funny Rants: The Glamour. The Glory. The Babes. My Days on the 6th
Grade Math Team.

Funny Rants: This is What Happens When You Allow Super-Dorks to Play Sports

Funny Rants: 7 Sex Positions Women Love

Funny Rants: A V@gina of Unusual Amazingness

Funny Rants: 7 Incredi-Awesome Ideas that will make Your Thanksgiving Dinner More Fun

Funny Rants: It's Boston's Year and it makes me want to Puke

Funny Rants: Breaking up with my Girlfriend was... Spicy

Funny Rants: My Plan to Sue the P*rn Industry

Funny Rants: Katherine Heigl's Boobies Bring World Peace + NBA Preview

Funny Rants: Deflated Hooters: Why I Hate Hooters -- the Restaurant (I still love Boobies!)

Funny Rants: How to Relieve Stress During Exams -- The HogWild Way!

Funny Rants: My Exclusive Interview with Britney Spears V@gina

Funny Rants: Baseball Players Prove Goatees are still Mega-Awesome

Funny Rants: My Pen!s has Leadership Abilities

Funny Rants: The Greatest Sports Movie Ever

Funny Rants: Your HogWild Halloween HORRORscope

Funny Rants: NFL Match-up of D!ck-head WR's & QB's who Sack Super Hot Women

Funny Rants: Ridiculous Moments in P*rn 

Funny Rants: In honor of Columbus Day: The World's Greatest Accidental Discoveries 

Funny Rants: This is What Happens when Baseball Announcers Watch Too Much P*rn

Funny Rants: The Hottest German Girls of Germany

hottest german girls

Funny Rants: President Bush to be Next Head Coach of Notre Dame Football

Funny Rants: Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Girls + Warning for Guys: These Halloween Costumes will C*ck-Block You

halloween costume

Funny Rants: Oktoberfest goes HogWild! Celebrate Hogtoberfest!

Funny Rants: The 5 Common But Unpredictable Things that Screw Your Favorite Sports Team

Funny Rants: I Laughed at a Disabled Person... but it was an accident, I swear!

Funny Rants: The Emmy Awards suck! Instead, check out HogWild's Television Awards hosted by HogWild & Britney Spears!

Funny Rants: How to Cheat Properly in the NFL

Funny Rants: It's Jewish New Year! This is one Party Guaranteed NOT to be a

Funny Rants: NFL Predictions: Which Teams will Make the Playoffs? Which Players will Make Illegitimate Children?

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Funny Rants: My 1st Time on Top... of a Motorcycle

Funny Rants: How to "Americanize" Soccer so that it Doesn't Suck

Funny Rants: Giant Pandas Deserve to be Extinct & We Should Eat Them Until They are all Gone

giant panda

Funny Rants: What Would You Do if it was You Who Caught Barry Bonds Home Run #756?

Funny Rants: Barry* Bonds* Breaks* All-Time* Home* Run* Record*

Funny Rants: Rockets are cool. The 7 Most Stunning Pictures of NASA Rocket Launches

apollo 11

Funny Rants: 500th HR for A-Rod! Youngest Player Ever to Swat 500 Home Runs

Funny Rants: World's Hottest Actresses of Bollywood

mona chopra

Funny Rants: Handling Major Sports Scandals Sopranos-Style

Funny Rants: Computer Programmer Sulks: "Girlfriend 404"  (WARNING: This article is for computer geeks only!)

Funny Rants: "The Simpsons" Fans are the Most Powerful Fans on Earth

Funny Rants: There are 2 Types of People who go to the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet: Winners and Losers

Funny Rants: 8 Baseball Playoff Predictions + Big Breasted Alyssa Milano Blogs for MLB, Barely Covers her Bases


Funny Rants: The UNAUTHORIZED iPhone FAQ for the Questions You Really Want to Ask

Funny Rants: Maria Sharapova Arrives at ESPY Awards Looking Like a Medieval Hooker

maria sharapova

Funny Rants: World's Hottest Female Sports Reporters

erin andrews

Funny Rants: How to Show-Off Your New iPhone in a Totally 100% Dignified Manner

Funny Rants: New Record: 66 Hot Dog Swallowed in 12 Minutes (Ties Paris Hilton)

Funny Rants: NBA Mockery Draft: Top Picks Snoop Dogg & Air Bud

Funny Rants: How to Speak British Without Making an Arse of Yourself


Funny Rants: Megan Fox is so Freakin' Hot, to Feel Her Up, You'd Need to Wear Oven Mitts

megan fox

Funny Rants: Pirates vs. Mermaids: The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island

mermaid parade

Funny Rants: NFL Player Adam "Pac Man" Jones Bites Bouncer on Ankle, Threatens to Kill Everyone

Funny Rants: How I Accidentally Turned my Apartment into a Bug Singles Bar


Funny Rants: How to Not Destroy Your 1 Shot at Having Sex

Funny Rants: Revenge, Seducing Women & T.P. -- The Story of the World Champion San Antonio Spurs

Funny Rants: How to Make Your Relationship Last? Yelling.

Funny Rants: The Superstar Factor: Can LeBron James & Jessica Alba do the Impossible?

Funny Rants: Hot Girls in Hats

hot girl in hat

Funny Rants: NHL Stanley Cup Report: Canada Sucking at Hockey is Like Sweden Sucking at Bikinis

Funny Rants: I Admit It. I am Bootleg.

Funny Rants: Miss Universe: I am in Love with Miss Estonia, & Miss Mexico, & Miss Poland & ...

miss universe

Funny Rants: Roger Clemens' New Contract Requires a Piggyback Ride to the Mound

Funny Rants: Pirates of the Calisthenics: My Dramatic Battle at the Health Club

Funny Rants: Marry Me or Die

Funny Rants: World's Coolest Castles


Funny Rants: I went to the Most Awesome Summer Concert Ever... with my Parents

Funny Rants: Oral S*x Causes Cancer?

Funny Rants: Most Amazing Sports Wife Ever: Masha Lopatova + NBA Playoffs Action

Funny Rants: Ducks have Huge D!cks

Funny Rants: De La Hoya vs. Mayweather + Do You Have a Celebrity Cheat List?

Funny Rants: My Oral Report: Best, Worst & Weirdest Experiences

Funny Rants: USC Cheerleaders: "2,4,6,8, Try Not to M@sturbate!"

usc cheerleaders

Funny Rants: The Homeless Wedding

Funny Rants: The Final Day of Not Touching Myself

Funny Rants: Day 6 of Not Touching Myself

Funny Rants: Day 5 of Not Touching Myself

Funny Rants: Tough Call: Should I Watch the NHL Playoffs or Take a Nap?

Funny Rants: Day 4 of Not Touching Myself

Funny Rants: Day 3 of Not Touching Myself

Funny Rants: Day 1 & 2 of Not Touching Myself

Funny Rants: Pamela Anderson Without Make-up vs. Pamela Anderson With Make-Up

pamela anderson

Funny Rants: Crazy Weather Creates Venice of West Virginia


Funny Rants: Bonds vs. Aaron & Fantasy Baseball vs. Your Woman

Funny Rants: Miss Earth Philippines: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-diculously Hot Chicks

miss philippines earth

Funny Rants: Bad Girls Boxing in Prison

Funny Rants: How to Prepare for a Date

Funny Rants: Dressed to Kilt A Scottish Lingerie Show

victoria's secret

Funny Rants: March MILF Madness! The Taking it Like a Championship Round!


Funny Rants: March MILF Madness! The Final 4-Play!


Funny Rants: Lindsay "No Panties" Lohan to be Celebrity Cheerleader at NCAA Final Four... Expected to Improve TV Ratings, Not Expected to Improve Smell of Arena

Monster Toad!

monster toad

Funny Rants: March MILF Madness! The Amazing 8!


Funny Rants: Like a Teenage Birthday Girl Crying, It's a Sweet 16 Breakdown! NCAA basketball.

Funny Rants: All 9 Supreme Court Justices to be Replaced by Judge Judy

judge judy

Funny Rants: March MILF Madness! Part 2 of Round 1: The Sweet A$$ 16


Funny Rants: March MILF Madness! Round 1: The Sweet A$$ 16


Funny Rants: NCAA Basketball Tournament Interrupted by Vicious Dog Fart

Funny Rants: 13 Common Myths of St. Patrick's Day

Funny Rants: Clifford the Big Red Dog is a Metaphor for my Pen!s

clifford the big red dog

Funny Rants: Why I Hate St. Patrick's Day in New York City

Funny Rants: Yao Ming's Sneakers Manufactured by American School Children + Incredibly 100% Accurate NCAA Tournament Predictions

Funny Rants: Cindy Jackson: The World's Most Technologically Advanced Woman

cindy jackson

Funny Rants: St. Patrick's Saintly Tips for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the Way He Intended
st. patrick's day

Funny Rants: A Crazy Thing Happened to Me at the Bar While Trying to Pick up Chicks

Funny Rants: Tyra Banks & Charles Barkley Sex Tape to Spice Up Slow Sports Month

jessica alba

Funny Rants: Soldier Back Home in Bronx, Misses Luxury of Afghanistan

Funny Rants: World's Craziest Fashions

crazy fashion

Funny Rants: Tommy Morrison: Boxing's Great White Dope + Horse Jockey Boxing

Funny Rants: HogWild Presents... The Bootleg Oscar Awards

Funny Rants: New York City Fights Pollution of the Privates with Free NYC Brand Condoms

Funny Rants: Top 10 Stupid Lawsuits of All-Time

Funny Rants: Shocking News: Former WNBA Player Announces she is Heterosexual

Funny Rants: Who else had Sex with Anna Nicole Smith & could be the Baby Daddy?

Funny Rants: Deep Fried Snack Food Industry Mourns Passing of Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

Funny Rants: G@y NBA Player John Amaechi Always on Top of Loose Balls

Funny Rants: Revealed: The Real Cause of Anna Nicole Smith's Death

Funny Rants: Top 19 Changes We'll See If Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is Elected President

Funny Rants: Top 10 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covers of All-Time

Funny Rants: Super Bowl: What will be more Entertaining, the Commercials or the Game?

Funny Rants: Note to Girls: Super Bowl = Valentine's Day for Guys

Funny Rants: NBA's Ugliest Cheerleaders: Orlando Magic Girls


Funny Rants: Why the NBA Finals will be like Sha-boinking Rosie O'Donnell after 1st Sha-Boinking Jessica Alba

Funny Rants: President Bush on American Idol

Funny Rants: 6 Tips: How to Leave the Perfect Voicemail Message


Funny Rants: Rebuilding New Orleans Football: A Heartwarming Story of Triumph & Boobies

mardi gras

Funny Rants: The Most Exciting (& Most Pathetic) New Cars at the North American International Auto Show

holden EFIJY

Funny Rants: American Idol Returns: Jewel is still J@ck-Off Material, Perla Meneses is the Bootleg Shakira

Funny Rants: Olympic Medalist Rainer Schoenfelder loses Bet: Skis N@ked. Ensuing Laughter Causes Avalanche.

Funny Rants: CES: Bill Gates Reveals "Bedroom of the Future"

Funny Rants: The Apple iPhone: Awesome or Awful?


Funny Rants: NFL Playoff Predictions + Terrell Owens' New Contract

Funny Rants: Top 10 Hottest Girls of Video Games

hot video game girl

Funny Rants: Girl: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"

Funny Rants: My New Year's Celebrity Predictions on Sex, Relationships & Death

Funny Rants: President Bush to Star as Yogi Bear in New Cartoon

president bush

Funny Rants: An Open Letter the Stupid B!tch Who C0ck-Blocked Me Last Night

Funny Rants: Carmelo Anthony Fights like a Girl, Nate Robinson Fights like a Frog

Funny Rants: My Idiot Uncle Tells the Story of Christmas

Funny Rants: Test your Holiday Smarts with the HogWild Christmas Quiz

Funny Rants: Britney Spears Sings Her Slutty Version of Jingle Bells

Funny Rants: Drunk Santa Answers Your Letters

Funny Rants: Allen Iverson: The Best Player Nobody Wants

Funny Rants: Osama Bin Laden's Annual Al-Qaeda Anti-Christmas Party

Funny Rants: Drug Bust: "Gingerbread Man Totally Baked" & Other Stupid Christmas TV Specials

Funny Rants: Taco Bell President Announces New Taco Bell E. Coli Game

Funny Rants: Lindsay Lohan Remixes "White Christmas" to Express her Love of Cocaine

Funny Rants: Jocks vs. Geeks: BCS College Football

Funny Rants: HogWild's Tips for Not Humiliating Yourself at the Office Holiday Party

Funny Raats: New York City is 1st City to Ban Trans Fats, Now What Other Unhealthy Things are Next to be Banned in NYC?

Funny Rants: Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan Spread Christmas Cheer, if Christmas Cheer was a Synonym for Legs

Funny Rants: Who is the Hottest Bond Girl of All-Time?

Funny Rants: Football Player De'Cody Fagg: My Imaginary Interview

Funny Rants: The Future of the NFL... Fat Chicks

Funny Rants: The Bruce Lee Theme Park

Funny Rants: Kramer is a racist! Which other beloved TV characters are closet hate-mongers?

Funny Rants: NFL Thanksgiving Football vs. Barbra Streisand & The Lifetime Network

Funny Rants: President Bush Tells Story of 1st Thanksgiving: Pilgrims vs. Terrorist Turkeys

Funny Rants: O.J. Simpson to star in New Reality Show: The Flavor of O.J.

Funny Rants: HogWild Ways to Improve Girlie Golf

Funny Rants: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Secret Wedding Vows!

Funny Rants: I miss my old leathery balls. Why the NBA's new balls stink.

Funny Rants: Britney Spears Divorce Papers Cite Kevin Federline with "Shiftless Hillbilly-ism."

Funny Rants: President Bush's Message to Democrats

Funny Rants: (Non)Shocking News: Britney Spears Divorces Kevin Federline. A Look Back in Pictures

Funny Rants: Cowboys Coach Finds Rat in McDonald's Salad

Funny Rants: Nerd Murder! Dungeons & Dragons Dork Slays Co-Worker in Mystic Forest of Cubicles

Funny Rants: HogWild Halloween Stories + What Your Halloween Costume Reveals about Your Secret Desires

Funny Rants: My Best Halloween Ever: Naughty School Girl S*x, The Forbidden Zone and uh, Fabio

Funny Rants: How to Carve a Paris Hilton Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Funny Rants: How to use P*rn to Satisfy the Requirements of the Food Pyramid

Funny Rants: Halloween Special: World's Scariest Looking Women

Funny Rants: Let's Go Mets! + True Secret Meaning of Famous Athlete's Nickname Revealed!

Funny Rants: 300 Millionth American Born

Funny Rants: Bootleg Halloween Costume Ideas

Funny Rants: CFA IAMS Cat Championship

Funny Rants: Better than the iPod... it's the hogPod! The ultimate HogWild portable device!

Funny Rants: Athletes + Str!p Clubs = Felony Charges.  And 10 Amazing Ways for the NBA to Clean up its Image

Funny Rants: I had a 9mm Gun Pointed at my Head

Funny Rants: If Terrell Owens was a wrestler...

Mark Foley Jokes! P*rvert Congressman Attempts Backdoor Legislation

Celebrate World Teacher Day with My True Twisted Teaching Stories

Betting Odds: Who is Seducing Your 13 Year Old Son?

Merry Yom Kippur! World's Hottest JILFs!

Best Cities to Live in for Various Categories You May Not Have Previously Considered Important

HogWild Wrestles the Dog

HogWild's Tips for a Great Relationship "Never hold a grudge. Hold a hammer. It's a lot more intimidating."

Pope Bloopers! Sure, the Pope accidentally insulted 1 billion Muslims, but he's made some other hilarious errors, too!

When TV Shows Morph into Other TV Shows Every commercial break, those coffee-drinking old broads from The View turn the show into The Amazing Race.

Pope P!sses Off Muslims! Let's Settle it with an Old School Rap Battle!

Tiger Teed Off! Gets Golf Balls in a Twist over Topless Photos of Wife

Man Rejects World's 1st Pen!s Transplant

Most Disturbing P0rn Stories: Ava Devine's Little Black Backpack, Diddling the Dong in the Dorm, & WWJD

Getting a Leg up on the Competition: Benchwarmer Punter Stabs Starting Punter.

Dear New Baby Brother... by Sean Preston Spears-Federline

Happy Birthday! The Hard Drive Turns 50!  + The Battle: Your Brain vs. a Hard drive

When I was a kid... we had 16 Colors and we LIKED It! Technology jokes.

HogWild's Fall Fashion Line

Should Michelle Wie be Allowed to Golf with the Men? + Jesus Can't Putt.

S*x is a Sport. Don't Foul Out.

HogWild's Back to School Advice for Children (Uh-oh.)

The MILF Hunter Mourns his Hero, The Crocodile Hunter

R.I.P. "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin

My Inter-Racial Date

Welcome Back to School, Pimple-t!ts! A Very Honest Letter to Students

Secrets your MySpace Profile Reveals about You

German Girls are Great because they are so Efficient at S*x

My Ex-Girlfriend was so Jealous, she got Jealous of Herself

HogWild's Emmy Awards for Categories Overlooked by the Academy

Man Born with 2 Pen!ses. Cool!

My Ex-Girlfriend Hits on Baseball Star David Wright + The Simon Cowell S*x Tape?

Reason #969 Why America is Awesome: Winning Pole-a-Palooza = Same Ca$h as Winning Pulitzer Prize

Teens Fight for Their Right to Have Many Moms

iPod Panties: The Stupidest iPod Product Yet + My Ideas for Even Stupider Ones

The Romney Oaks Story: Would you take advantage of this 9 year old Cancer Survivor? This guy did...

Acting Like an Idiot at my Brother's Wedding

World's Sickest S*x Toys

Business Opportunity: Now YOU can Sell Fake Sports Memorabilia! Don't Miss Out!

Shotgun Formation: NFL Player Maurice Clarett Busted for Driving with an Open Container of AK-47 Ammo

World's Prettiest Robot

My Worst Dating Experiences. Collect All 7! Bonus! My Buddy's Worst-Date-Ever that Makes my Worst-Date-Ever Look like a Honeymoon!

I am a Threat to Society

World Series of Poker or World Series of Poke-Her?

World's Craziest Statues

HogWild's Rules for Wedding Etiquette or (HogWild's Rules for making a
Wedding more Interesting for Yourself and Everyone Around You)

Did Floyd Landis Cheat on the Tour de France? Or is it that the other Cyclists did not Cheat Enough?

Who is the Hottest Female Singer of All-Time?

The G@y Games are Really Freakin' G@y

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore's Tips for a Happy Relationship

Things to do on Boring Car Trips

Improving Boxing's Reality Show "The Contender"... Mike Tyson vs. Flava Flav

SWF with 2 Kids Seeks 1 More Kid: Pamela Anderson Marries Kid Rock in the Ultimate Trailer Trash Wedding

Hooters Restaurant Chairman Dead: Breast in Peace

Attention Race Car Driver Danica Patrick: Your Headlights Are On

Do these Hot Girls have what it takes to be the New Nets Dancers?

Jeff Gordon & Ingrid Vandebosch have the Ultimate NASCAR Wedding

Tips that apply to both Fine Dining... and Sex

Flirting Tips for Men, Women, and Dorks

3 Ways to Improve the MLB All-Star Game + The Secret On-Field Conversations of Jeter & A-Rod.

You are Invited to President Bush's 60th Birthday Surprise Party!

Hottest Sports Wives: If you can't Win a Trophy, then Marry one!

Superman Returns... to tell you about the exciting features of the Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum!

Basketball Player Rudy Gay Wants You to Wear His Jersey NBA Draft jokes, funny pictures.

Who needs Superman when SuperHog is to the Rescue! (As soon as he can catch the bus.)

Welcome to HogWild Summer Camp! What is your Native American name?

Get in Shape for the Beach with the HogWild Workout + Is sex good exercise?

Worst Sports Week Ever: Basketball Team Loses, Baseball Team Loses, Swedish Bikini Team has PMS

TV Hottie Hall of Fame: The Hottest Women on Television

Mariska Hargitay gives Birth to Law & Order: Baby Unit

Welcome to Hoggyland, my Bootleg Amusement Park

A Day in the Life of Bill Gates, Before & After Retirement

2006 FIFA World Cup: We Want More Fighting & More Brazilian Women!

Who is the HogWild Celebrity Father of the Year?

I Got Called for Jury Duty. Nooooooooooooooo! Part 2, Courting in the Court. Meeting girls.

I Got Called for Jury Duty. Nooooooooooooooo! Part 1

NBA Finals: All of Texas Loves a German

New Batwoman to Fight Crime in Sensible Shoes. (She's a Lesbian, dude!)

The Hell Party. We're Gonna Party like it's 6/6/06! With the Mormons?

1st Ever Pictures of the Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Baby!

Comments Not Appreciated by Women at Weddings

Hottest Hockey Girlfriends: Tyra Banks, Anna Kournikova, Tara Reid, & Alyssa Milano And Why Hopscotch is More Important than NHL Hockey

The 10 Commandments of a True Hogsta

The 1st Baseball Video Game to be Too Realistic

World's 10 Most Expensive Cars + The SUV Ice Cream Truck, & Maybach Luxury Subway Car

Winning Isn't Everything... It's the Only Thing (That will Get you Laid)


How to Throw Your Own Bootleg Memorial Day Barbecue, HogWild Style

How to Take Care of Your Baby, by Britney Spears

The Ultimate HogWild Memorial Day Barbecue! Learn how to go HogWild on Memorial Day.

Why do Men Play Fantasy Baseball? To Keep us from Cheating on our Girlfriends! Because now we don't have girlfriends anymore.

R.I.P. Britney Spears' Hotness. Who will Replace Britney as the #1 Hottie?

Live from New York: It's the Beard & Moustache Championships! I was live at the event to bring you video, pictures, and interviews.

Pink Taco Opening Causes Big Stink New Mexican restaurant named Pink Taco outrages the Mayor of Scottsdale.

Albert Pujols' Wife has a Nice Rack And other important baseball insights.

True MILF Sex Stories Gone Horribly Wrong

Mother's Day? Hell No! It's MILF Day! Gift Ideas for the Mother You are

Celebrity Baby Smackdown: Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Melania Knauss Babies Rattle & Battle

Classic Candy with a New Pirate Twist + The Official Candy of Pamela Anderson

Fight! Fight! Fight!: Oscar de la Hoya vs. Ricardo Mayorga Prediction: The Round Card Bikini Girl will Give me a Chubby

Are You Un-Tan AKA Un-Cool? Then the Maximum Tannage® System can Save your Life!

How to Throw Your Own Cinco de Mayo Party, The Bootleg HogWild Way!

Cinco de Mayo Celebration: Beat your Pinata to Mexico's Hottest Mexican Women

#1 NFL Blunt, er, Punt Receiver: "Sticky Icky" Ricky Williams Gets Busted... Again!

Debate: Should you Sun Bathe? A Board Certified Dermatologist Vs. Kyle 

President Bush Gives Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a Naked Lady Pen for Secretary's Day

Prom Tips: Tinting the Windows of Your Mom's Station Wagon Does Not Make it a Limo.

NBA Playoff Predictions, Drooling over Eva Longoria, and Battle of the Worst NBA Rappers. Serious Sports + Seriously Twisted Humor.

614 Easy Things Girls Can Do to Save the Environment. #1 - Shower with your sister.

Fun Earth Day Activities for Children: Draw a Radioactive Turkey. Earth Day Humor.

Exclusive 1st Photo of Suri, the Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Scientology Baby!
The Special Scientology Baby Timeline.
Scientology Jokes.

New York International Auto Show: Hot Cars + Hot Girls. Neither of which I can Afford.


12 Step Homosexual Discovery Program. Find out if you're gay the really easy way!

Best Baseball Fights of All-Time. Serious Sports + Seriously Twisted Humor.



New NY Mets Stadium to be Named Fifth-Third Federal Washington Mutual
No-Hassle Free Checking Field.
Funny baseball pictures + Twisted Humor.

The Earrings Incident: Learning When to be Honest & When to Lie. My girlfriend buys bootleg earrings. Relationship Jokes + Twisted Humor.

The Secret to Romance: No Farts Allowed. Fart Jokes, Relationship Jokes + Twisted Humor.

Celebrity Passover Seder Starring... Ron Jeremy, Bea Arthur, Winona Ryder, Judge Judy, Ron Popeil, Stan Lee, + a surprise Musical Guest. Jewish Humor + Twisted Humor.

Stock Market Tips: Candy Apple or Rotten Apple? Should you invest in Apple or Commodore 64? Serious Stock Market Advice + Seriously Twisted Humor.

Athletes Vs. Strippers: Strippers Win Again! Duke Coach Mike Pressler Fired. Season Cancelled. Serious Sports + Seriously Twisted Humor.

New York International Auto Show: The New Lincoln Navigator, Rappers Edition + The New Toyota Camry, Ultimate Chick Car. Best / Worst Concept Cars. Pictures of cool cars like the Lamborghini Miura + Twisted Humor.

March MILF Madness: Melania Knauss-Trump vs. Heidi Klum. March MILF Championships. And the Winner is...

March MILF Madness: The Final 4Play. Pamela Anderson vs. Melania Knauss-Trump. Heidi Klum vs. Christine Taylor. March MILF Madness + Twisted Humor.

Pamela Anderson

Baseball Jokes: Why the New York Mets Must Lose For the Sake of Humanity + Jessica Alba Corks Derek Jeter's Bat. Serious Sports + Seriously Twisted Humor.

Jessica Alba ass

Stock Market Tips. How do I know when to sell? Martha Stewart, Axl Rose, & a Time Machine. Serious Stock Market Tips + Seriously Twisted Humor.

Girl Stabbed with Dirty Hypodermic Needle. Can she be Saved by Whitney Houston & Flava Flav? Seriously Twisted Humor + Crack Head Jokes

The Most Exciting School Ever: Sex in the Classroom, Teachers Dropping Dead, and Hi-Tech Cheating Seriously Twisted Humor + Teacher Jokes + School Jokes

What would you do for Super Bowl Tickets? Would you go to jail? This guy did. Serious Sports + Seriously Twisted Humor.

Stock Market Tips. Want to be in the Stock Market? Then put down the Appetizers. Serious Stock Market Advice + Seriously Twisted Humor.

Truth Behind Imette St. Guillen Murder. Is Darryl Littlejohn to blame? Another factor is really to blame... Fat Chicks.

Ugly Ass Dog. My girl wants to adopt the world's ugliest dog. Hell no.

Sex Toys. Secret Sex Toys of the Republican Party. Female orgasms are for Communists. Sex Toy Thieves.

March MILF Madness. Elite 8. Who will advance to the next round? Vote!

Strippers Form Union. What are their Membership Benefits?

NCAA March Mammary Madness. In Which Bracket are Scarlett Johansson’s Boobs?

New York City Crazies: Am I Being a D!ck in this Situation?

3 Important Things to Consider when Choosing a New Vagina

Jenna Jameson or Alex Rodriguez? Who is the Better Athlete? World Baseball Classic. Serious Sports + Seriously Twisted Humor.

Stock Market Tips: Starbucks vs. Star Jones Serious Stock Market Tips + Hog's seriously twisted humor

Best College Prank Ever! Gabe Pruitt Enters... The Owned Zone. A hot girl leads to total embarrassment in front of a huge crowd.

Oscar Awards: Jon Stewart vs. George Clooney, March of the Horny Penguins, Jessica Alba Perfect?, and Dolly "Plastic" Parton

Jason McElwain: Autistic All-Star High School Basketball Player. Groupies?

The HogWild Oscar Awards Drinking Game

The Ultimate HogWild Oscar Awards Party Scarlett Johansson serves you + The Brokeback Mountain Themed Oscar Party

Baseball's Barry Bonds Breaks Home Run Record, Slides into Jessica Alba

Academy Awards: Fun Facts

New York City Vacation: Don't Eat at Crappy Chain Restaurants, You Moron

NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest Dunking over Spud Webb, Britney Spears and a Coffin

The Winter Olympics Needs American Idol Judges Michelle Kwan. Olga Pyleva.

New York City Dating. Mating. Male Hating.  

New York City Dentist. Because I needed sex.

Hockey Jokes. Wayne Gretzky's wife, Janet Jones, is a Naughty Naughty Girl.

Janet Jones

Grammy Awards Review. Sexiest MILF Award. Best Hip-Hop Shoot-Out.

Jessica Simpson, The Rolling Stones, Betting Man Stan, My Girlfriend, and a little Football Game called the Super Bowl

How to Choose a College the HogWild Way  And what college to avoid at all costs!

NFL Super Bowl: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Paris Hilton

The Ultimate HogWild Super Bowl Party Vida Guerra. Brooke Burke. 2 Pac.vida guerra

The Greatest Geek Upset in Football History The NFL? No! I.S. 181!


MySpace Boobs Comment on MySpace Boobs I comment on idiots who comment

81 Smart Ways to Stop Kobe Bryant #1: The Skank Zone Defense

Is the NBA Racist?

A Man's Gotta Do What a Man's Gotta Doo-Doo Gotta poop, but don't wanna wake the roommate

Women's Tennis: The Hottest & The Nottest Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova

maria sharapova

American Idol: Mean Simon, Horny Paula, and Worthless Randy

Golden Globe Awards Brokeback Mountain paves the way for other gay films

My Romantic Ghetto-way Stoned sheep, stick fights, and the shower gangbang

Your MySpace Profile Sucks if... Does your MySpace suck?

R.I.P. 1980s Dunkin Donuts Guy

dunkin donuts

Paris Hilton's New Year's Resolutions

paris hilton

Movie Reviews by George W. Bush george w. bush




New York City Subway Strike: Bull$h!t

Holiday Party: Bonecrusher Handshake Guy

Christmas in New York City Gay Santa, Ice-T, and me humping a reindeer.


Myspace jokes. Losers comment on this hot girl!

Pat Morita from The Karate Kid. Dead.

karate kid

Behind the Scenes of Comedy Central's Premium Blend

Myspace jokes. Real comments to real hot girls by real losers!

American Music Awards. Lindsay Lohan, Gwen Stefani jokes.

New Floats in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. NFL jokes

Paris Hilton vs. Nicole Richie in a Freestyle Battle Rap!

paris hilton

My Bootleg Alternative to Doppler 2 Million Weather. Al Roker Wrestles.

The 100% Complete Biographical Timeline of the Life of Rosa Parks: American Hero and African-American All-Star

Christian Rappers Against Abortion and Harriet Miers


R.I.P. Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist: a conservative time line

Top 23 Hurricane Katrina Emergency Response Priorities from the Bush White House

How Bon Jovi Ruined my Life

Hell Gigs from my Stand-up Comedy

Best Sex Ever

Relationship Road Signs

My visit to The Erotic Expo. Sex jokes

tera patrick

President Bush's War on Retirement

American Idol jokes. Randy Jackson tries to act black.

The Birthday BJ and Baseball

Freedom Tower to have Giant Lobster on Top

freedom tower

Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane is a Prick

Baseball Jokes and Funny Pictures: Notes from Yankee Stadium

Big Brother 6. My 72 Second Audition and Stoooopid Application..

Relationship Jokes. The Oven Mitt Dance.

Voting a New Virgin into the Vatican. Who will be the new Pope?


Wendy's Chili: want Fingers with that?


Terri Schiavo is not Going to Disney World

terry schiavo

NYPD Blue: A touching Funeral Eulogy

Reading Between the Lines of Martha Stewart's Letter

When D-List Celebs Get Their Own Colognes

jared from subway

The TRUTH of the Bush Budget. What programs will really get cut? How will the Government raise more money?

supreme court

The TRUMP Wedding. Secrets Revealed!

donald trump

Is Abraham Lincoln Gay?

abraham lincoln

HogWild Eats his Way Through Europe! Italy, Part 3: The Olive Garden and Pigeons Suck. George Washington Rules!

HogWild Eats his Way Through Europe! Italy, Part 2: Pope on MTV Cribs and Wonder Woman Vs. Ice Cream

HogWild Eats his Way Through Europe! Italy, Part 1: Stupid Statues and Pictures of Asians taking Pictures

HogWild Eats his Way Through Europe! Germany, Part 3: The Midget Grocery Store and Moshing in Munich

HogWild Eats his Way Through Europe! Germany, Part 2: Spongebob vs. Das Brot. Jokes and Pictures. 

HogWild Eats his Way Through Europe! Germany, Part 1: The Chocolate Museum. Jokes and Pictures. 

Bush vs. Kerry. Presidential Debate Jokes and Pictures. 

Botanists are perverts! Sex jokes galore at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Jessie's Girl is too damn young (Song Parody) 

My visit to the Urologist so he could juggle my grapes 

The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

The Mermaid Parade with Moby

My father is an idiot

Gay Jokes: The Gay Truck Driver

Sex Jokes

The Fine Line between making a Girl feel Special and making her feel Stalked. Men jokes. Women jokes. Relationship jokes.

My mommy's got a mess. Mama Jokes.

My girl can not poop.

When a man is trying to woo a woman, NOTHING is too expensive. Once  a man her as his girlfriend, EVERYTHING is too expensive.

I got a hot bim's Bodily Fluids all over me

Fun in Florida, Part 2:  More Fake breasts, Hang Gliding, Running out of Gas, and Smart Gay Guys

Fun in Florida, Part 1:  Fake breasts, the wheelchair pile-up, and Jamaican girls with beef patties

Grammy Awards 2004. Proof that Ugly Nubs (Jay-Z) can scoop Hot Bims (Beyonce)

Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Halftime Peep Show

Ridiculous Things About the Mars Mission

Getting Caught

The Torture of Talking to My Family During the Holidays

Kicking game to an Eco-Chick

Jessica Simpson on Fox News

If Real Life was like the movie "Kill Bill"

Ladies, I've only got 1 thing on my mind -- Food

Blackout jokes! Top Ways to Prevent Another Blackout

This woman used me! She used me for cuddling! But what about what I want? What about Sex?

I survived the subway fire on the F train. Serious!

What does your Cell Phone Say about Who You Are?

At the Gym: Hot Bims, OMG's and Gay Dudes in the Locker Room

The Cops Towed my Car. But it wasn't my fault, I hate reading...


I want a woman who wants to settle. Not Settle Down. Just settle. For Me.

My Fantasy Wife. Nipples made of Bubble Gum.

The SARS Song! When you Kiss a Girl with SARS...

Supermarket Security Harasses Hog!

How the Economy is Affecting Local Rappers

13 Ways New Yorkers are Dealing with the 50 Cent Subway Fare Hike

The TRUTH behind Anti-War Protestors! They're not anti-war at all! Bush's plans to nuke Mars!

War on Iraq. Who is Next on Bush's Hit List? Hint: NOT North Korea. 

Accounting Scandals Rock Music's Biggest Stars: 50 Cent, Eminem, J.Lo, Michael Jackson and more! 

Inspired by 50 Cent and Jay-Z: "Searching for America's Most Musically Talented Drug Dealers: A New MTV Reality Show"

2003 Grammy Awards. Avril, Faith, Nora and Gwen. Eminem Wears his Fanciest Doo-rag!

If I were an Astronaut and God as Ike Turner

NBA All-Star Weekend. Jordan: The Greatest $%#@ of All-Time. Mariah Carey in that dress. Marv's new hair hat.

I took a big crap today

Weapons of Mass Conversion: New Tactics for Religious Regime Change

The Anti-Official Guide for First Time Visitors to New York City

Mom's Lawsuit: My Son's School Bag is Too Heavy

NFL Players Brainwashed by Video Game: Must Kill!

The Anna Pigole Smith Show

HogWild in Hawaii! Part 5: God's Urinal, Hot HOT Lava, the Evil White Man, and Cock Fighting

HogWild in Hawaii Part 4, Crazy Naked White Kids, Testicle Reductions, and Pigs on Parade

HogWild in Hawaii Part 3, Jewelry, Mooters, and the Orgasm Flower

HogWild in Hawaii Part 2, Hot Hawaiian Stewardesses

HogWild in Hawaii Part 1, Pit-stop in Kentucky

Naked Cowboy, Fantasy Baseball, and Pokey Greese

Pepsi Breast Implants and the Oscars

Britney Spears hosts the American Music Awards

AOL-Time Warner takes over the Government!

Hog goes to a Renaissance Festival-- great pictures!

Misty Hyman proves that God exists!

Vote for the Hebrew National-- or The Rock

Middle School Kids and the Adults they can Potentially Become

What if Eminem was running for President of the U.S.?

Stupid Ass Toys for Adults

If their bras could speak . . . What would they say?

How much is your Class Action Lawsuit Worth?

Hog gets his Wisdom Teeth Yanked, not his Jammy

Trip to the Bahamas, Part 6: Lettin' it All Hang Out, Postcard Bims, Barbed Wire Pubes

Trip to the Bahamas, Part 5: Blue Ribbon Ponies, Boobies for Breakfast, and Greased Lightning 

Trip to the Bahamas, Part 4: Bare Beach Realities and Bootleg TV

Trip to the Bahamas, Part 3: S&M Goatee and the Free T-Shirt

Trip to the Bahamas, Part 2: Topless Bims

Trip to the Bahamas, Part 1: Everybody's an Alcoholic

Anorexics make me watch Amazing Video TV

Aging Strippers and Butt Implants

Fondling yourself in Public

  Watch my helpful and hilarious Expert Dating Advice videos!

Review of Mission Impossible 2

Review of Gladiator

Trip to NYC, Part 5: The Perfect Booty & the SUV Limo

Trip to NYC, Part 4: The Yankees and Squirrels in Strollers

Trip to NYC, Part 3: Hog's SLUT Bowling Ball and Million Dollar Apartments

Trip to NYC, Part 2: The Mets and Asian Bims

Trip to NYC, Part 1: The all-gay airline

Day at the Park

Take me out to the Ball Game

Website Name Game

Nub Spends $27,000 at Nudie Bar

Elian Gonzalez, Escape from Commie Island

The Forbidden Parking Space

Trebek vs. Regis


Our New Puppy Sherwood

Muscle Mice

Animal Shelter

The Grammy Awards

Mrs. P's Pillow Talk

Funny Rants: Tales from the Short Bus

RocKKKer in his REAL uniformJohn RocKKKer

Funny Rants: The Movies

Funny Rants: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Funny Rants: Y2Kiss My ASS!

Funny Rants: The Circus

Funny Rants: New Year's Eve at Times Square

ny.2000.fw.jpg (25631 bytes)

Funny Rants: Celebrity New Year's Resolutions

mariah.carey.jpg (15840 bytes)

Funny Rants: The Ugly Tie

New from Alvin Klein's TOOL collection

Funny Rants: PeaNUTS-- The Future of Snoopy & the Gang


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