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John RocKKKerRocker's NEW baseball uniform.

by HogWild


The man is an idiot. Period. First off, being a Mets fan, I’ve always hated him. His taunting antics and his meathead personality. But my suspicions were only confirmed when he made those statements to S.I.


I mean, what kind of DOLT says things like that in an INTERVIEW for Sports Illustrated Magazine?! I would understand if these were private remarks said to a friend at the bar. It wouldn’t excuse them. But a man is certainly allowed to be ignorant. But to PROCLOMATE your intense stupidity in public is another thing.


This back water hick said,

``Imagine having to take the 7 train to (Shea Stadium) looking like you're (in) Beirut next to some kid with purple hair, next to some queer with AIDS, right next to some dude who got out of jail for the fourth time, right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids.''


John struck out batters not with his Fastball, but with his Retard gas-face.


And that’s not even the part that peeved me off! Of course, he’s exaggerating, but I see where he’s coming from. But to me it’s MORE scary to be in HIS hometown of Dungville, Georgia. Riding my tractor next to some KKK hillbilly who burns crosses as a hobby and also doubles as the Town Mayor and Judge.

Mom and Pop celebrate 250 years of Oppressing others.

John's parents (pictured here), say they have no idea where their son learned this behavior.


The part that got me is when he said,


``I'm not a very big fan of foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there.

How the hell did they get into this country?''


Hmm, since you obviously never passed an AMERICAN HISTORY class . . . I’ll break it down for you Mr. RocKKKer. There’s this little Island called Ellis Island. And there’s like this big green lady we like to call Ms. Liberty. But you wouldn’t like her because she’s an immigrant. She came to us from France. And like millions of people came from all over the world to our great nation. Seeking Freedom, seeking refuge, seeking a better way of life for their Children. And those people helped build this nation to the great Country it is today. Then, there are slobs like you. Swamp-refuse who clung to bottom of the Mayflower like a rotting barnacle, marrying your siblings generation after generation. While the True Pilgrims were out creating our Nation, you were lobbing your feces at your neighbor and calling it art. Mr. RocKKKer I don’t hate you. You are just a very dumb man.


While REAL Americans worked hard to create a better life, RocKKKer's family was busy finding mates for each other at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table.


But what makes all this worse, is the so-called punishment. The Commissioner’s Office is making him sit out the first 28 days. He also must undergo "sensitivity training." Wow. What kind of training can help HIM?!


Psychiatrist is like, "Mr. RocKKKer, when wanting to express your dislike of African-Americans, try to refrain from words like nigger, monkey-boy, and mud-people."

Then RocKKER is like, "Well what do YOU know Doc? Ain’t you one of them money-hungry, beady-eye JEWS?"

Will RocKKKer grow a funny little moustache?

Braves Manager Bobby Cox said he was always uncomfortable with John RocKKKer saluting him every time he passed.


There should have been NO official punishment from Major League Baseball. You heard me right. NONE. There shouldn’t have to be. It’s a bunch of bulltish. It’s a slap on his Confederate Flag waving wrist. The CORRECT response to his remarks would have been to black-list him. The Braves should have dumped him. Just outright release him. It would pretty much be a CHALLENGE to any team to support his remarks. He’s a great pitcher. But this ain’t back-in-the-day, and he ain’t Ty Cobb. You don’t get away with those kinds of statements anymore. I blame the Braves Execs. They SHOULD have dumped him and said, "The Atlanta Braves believe that, as an American Institution we cannot support this type of disrespectful and intolerant behavior. We want to distance ourselves from Mr. RocKKKer’s racist remarks. Mr. RocKKKer is no longer an Atlanta Brave. We hope all Major League Teams will agree not to sign this scumbag."


But no. How is it that a Baseball Team can have no balls? RocKKKer should be banned from Baseball just for his stupidity. Think about it. He’s screaming how he HATES foreigners, and all his CATCHERS are foreign. The man is about as BRIGHT as a bat’s cave. He’s as swift as Chris Farley. And Farley is 400 pounds and dead.


I want to see RocKKKer and Reggie White battle it out. They are both Mental Midgets and mind-numbingly moronic. How can RocKKKER step into a locker room with foreign ball players ever again? Or play in front of a diverse crowd again? Remember how Mets’ fans threw batteries at him? Now Shea Stadium is going to have Free Batteries NIGHT when the Braves come to town. "All Fans receive 3 packs of Duracells with Admission." And not AA’s this time. We’re talking D’s! And the rich nubs in the fancy seats get CAR batteries!

Lady Liberty got some fungus on her toes.

When RocKKKer comes to pitch in NY, Ms. Liberty is going to throw the book at him!


Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be allowed to make jokes. I do it. I think we should be able to laugh at ourselves. But to actually believe the stereotypes and to make your ignorance public with PRIDE is just being a total buffoon.


So after RocKKKer is booed out of every ballpark, he should make a new career choice. The one that is perfect for him. Pro Wrestler. He’ll love it. He’ll get booed. And he can wear face paint and eat the turnbuckle! His name would be Grand Wizard. The back of his trunks would have a No-Gays sign, with the phrase: "No Entrance." His shirt would have a Swastika. And his finishing move, Lynching his Opponent.

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