♥ Dating Tips: Competition Can Get a Girl to Like You More. Expert Dating Advice


Dating Tips: Competition Can Get a Girl to Like You More

by me, HogWild


F in Austin, Texas writes...

Hey Hog,

Your dating advice has been pure gold and has worked effectively.

I'm going after a new chick and we went out on a date. The thing is that we were at a pub, I went to take a leak and left my phone on the table. During that time I got 2 texts from 2 other chicks that I had also invited to the pub.

HOG: Whoa! So you ask a girl on a date, and you INTEND to have two other girls meet you there, too? Wow. Were those girls your back-up dates? Or were you the star of a dating game show where the girls fight over you? hahah

She obviously noticed that I talk to other girls.


When I got back she told me that somebody had text me. I could tell she knew the texts were from other girls. I want to keep seeing her but that doesn't mean I'm stopping talking to other chicks.


I need your help letting her know that I'm interested in her but that I'm also going to keep other girls phone numbers and talk to them once in a while.

What can you share with me that will make her feel special, and not just like another girl? In a way, she's just another girl, but I wanna make her feel happy, and show her a good time because you never know which one could be a keeper unless you try!

- F in Austin, Texas

There are some people out there right now who are like, "What a jerk-face jerk-a-zoid! How DARE he date more than one girl at a time!"

But... there are plenty of men AND women who do that. The key... is to be honest and upfront.

And, you probably don't want to invite them all to the same place at the same time.

I mean, would YOU feel special if two more dudes showed up to your date and the girl was like, "Oh hey, these are my two dude-friends. I invited them to hang out with us. I just wanted you to see your competition. Jacque is a professional bodybuilder and volunteer fireman who just graduated from gourmet cooking school. And Harold owns a luxury automobile dealership but spends most of his time researching for his PhD dissertation on quantum orgasmic lovemaking. OK, so which one of you is paying for dinner?"

She is NOT your girlfriend. She is NOT your wife. She must earn those things. Not to sound like you're the dinosaur's gift to Saturn, but hey, you are not HER boyfriend or husband, so she in turn can do as she likes.

So tell her, "Listen babe, I dig you. I really do. I dig you like kid's plastic shovels in the sand but hey, I'm seeing other waves out there that I need to surf. You understand, don't you? Now I'll demonstrate why they call this bathing suit the Speedo. Because of the speed with which I can take it off!"

No! Don't say that! And more importantly, don't wear Speedos!

NOTE: Guys, unless you are in some sort of Olympic competition, wearing Speedos will only win you the Gold Medal in Too Much Information.

Tell her, "Yes, I'm dating. I'm trying to find the right girl for me. And so far, I really like you. Are we going to be a couple? Time will tell. I can tell you this, when I'm in a relationship, I go 100%. I put my entire heart into it. That's why I'm very selective first. So yes, I'm going to date other girls to see who is the best match for me. Maybe you're seeing other guys, too? I don't know. That's your business. Let's enjoy getting to know each other and see what happens."

This WON'T work if this girl is...

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- When a girl knows you have options, she feels like she has to...

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♥ Dating Tips: Competition Can Get a Girl to Like You More. Expert Dating Advice
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