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How to be Charming (Give them a Nickname)

by me, HogWild


In video 686 we talked about 10 different ways to be Charming. And being charming can make you more attractive! Here's more detail about a super easy way: Give the person you like a nickname!

NERD BOY: A girl once gave ME a nickname! And here I thought it meant she DIDN'T like me! Her nickname for me was Dave. That's not my name but I guess she liked to call me that! And sometimes she would call me George. Or Tom. Gosh she had so MANY nicknames for me she must have been in love!

in love

Remember, if you're being the bad boy type, you don't want to be charming, unless you're in trouble and need to win her back!

OK, so this works for guys or girls. Give the person you like a FLATTERING nickname. Don't make it lame! It has to make them feel special and be unlike any other nickname they already have.

Do NOT make their nickname based on anything lame such as...

- their ethnicity
- their place of birth
- a body part (if it's a girl)

body part

Guys love to be called Mr. Big Package! haha
Really, don't make it based on some physical attribute they didn’t work to achieve like their height, eye color and so on.
- some variation of their name because their friends probably already do this.

You want YOUR name for them to be SPECIAL and different. Something only YOU call them.

Here are some charming examples from real life...

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- Try to make your nickname something about them that's special and unique so they FEEL special and unique when you use that name.

- This nickname is a way of flirting. Guys, when you give a girl a nickname it shows a lot of confidence. You're taking a risk that she won't like it. If she doesn't, OK, think of a new one!

- A nickname is like a recurring compliment. It should be in good fun and here is the key: it must...

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