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Terri Schiavo is Not Going to Disney World

Jokes & Funny Pictures

by HogWild

The woman is dead.

Her heart is beating but she is dead. Let the poor woman die.

We have the technology to keep a person's body functioning while their mind is dead. Her soul has already left her body. Terri Schiavo is in heaven but her body is still in Florida. Why? Is someone taking her to Disney World?

No. It's because her parents are selfish. They can't let go. FIFTEEN YEARS! The woman has been dead for 15 years. Her parents are making her into Frankenstein's monster.

New Law: every American will be allowed 1 year hooked up to machines to live to see if they miraculously "snap out" of it. After an entire year, it should be obvious that you are now just a mass of skin and bones and your soul has left your body.

If you don't care about this, remember YOU are paying for it. To support Terri Schiavo's parents, you are paying tax dollars. Thousands of dollars a DAY! Terri Schiavo is the world's most expensive vegetable, besting radishes by $2,000 per pound!

Hey, Mom Schiavo, don't forget to water your plant.

This poor woman is dead without a respectful burial! This is ree-DICK-a-lus!

In the future, they will be able to keep EVERYONE "alive" with machines. Should we have buildings full of our brain-dead family members who can't talk to us, can't hear us, and can't hug us but we keep their bodies around because we don't want the pain of saying good-bye?

"Round up the kids! We're visiting Grandma -- in storage!" Gross.
I don't want my dead Grandma in storage, next to my bicycle. That's why we have pictures and videos. There's no need to store the bodies of our loves ones. Let them go!

Listen, Jesus-freaks. You got Jesus all wrong. Do you think God or Jesus or Buddha or L. Ron Hubbard want humans to live forever? No. God gives us life. And life is temporary. That's why it's so precious and worth protecting... but Terri Schiavo is dead! Look in her eyes. There is no one home. Her soul has sold the farm. Moved on. Why can't you?

Oh, and I love how my President has intervened by signing a law to circumvent the court. Three branches of Government, buddy! Three! Though I don't fault, President Bush for sympathizing with Terri Schiavo. After all, Terri Schiavo is brain-dead and can't function on her own... just like President Bush!


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