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If their bras could speak ... What would they say?

hangin aroundThe Queen of England's bra: "I'm not really helping her. Sometimes I think she'd be better off just wearing a pair of tube socks."

Hillary Clinton's bra: "It's true what they say. If you put ice cubes on Hillary's nipples, the ice cubes would get frost bite!" 

No bra here!Madonna's bra: "She never invites me to parties."



she paid for them puppies

Britney Spears' bra: "Everyone knows I have an out-going personality, but I hope people don't think it's a false perkiness."



Calista Flockhart's bra: (Yeah, right! You know damn well she only needs a t-shirt!)

Dick Cheney's daughter's bra: "Hey girls, why don't you come over and I'll show you some of that 'cum-passionate conservatism."

Julia Roberts' bra in Erin Brockovich: "Up, up, up and away!"

Anna Kournikova's bra: "Anna will stay aces as long as I keep her 'tennis balls' bouncing.

Jennifer Lopez' bra: "Yo quiero Tetas Bells!"

Kevin James' bra: "King of Queens my ass! Look at his honkers! He's the Queen of Queens!

Catherine Zeta-Jones' bra: "Jesus! This old guy's hands are so arthritic that he can't even unhook me!"

Dr. Laura's bra: "Trust me, I give her more than just moral support."

Barbara Walters' bra: "When Barbara doesn't like how I look, it's not back to the drawing board - it's back to the ironing board!

Cameron Manheim's bra: "I'm like a looseleaf divider. Except I'm not separating pages, I'm separating rolls!"

Denise Richards' bra: "Anybody got change for 2 silver dollars?"


Rosie O'Donnell's bra: "What another fine mess you've gotten us into!"

Judge Judy's bra: "I ain't seen a gavel in my chambers for years!"

Courtney Cox's bra: "Somebody tell Mr. Arquette that Courtney's nipples are not  to be pressed like a number pad in his 1-800-CALL-ATT commercials!"

Mrs. Mel Gibson's bra: "I can't believe she got knocked up again! Replace me with plastic milk containers, why don't you!"

Eddie Murphy's bra: "When Eddie cross-dresses, I make his hairy chest look like he's got Buckwheat in a blindfold!"

Katie Holmes' bra: "I think it is so cute how Tom needs that step-ladder to unfasten me when Katie's standing up."

Lois Lane's bra: "This lead lining in my cups is so heavy it's killing me! But it's what I have to do to stop Superman's perverted x-ray vision!"

Venus Williams' bra: "I hate when he tries to stick his jammy up in here. UGH! NizASTY"!

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