Dating Jokes. My Worst Dating Experiences. Collect All 7! + a Bonus!: My Buddy's Worst Date Ever that Makes my Worst Date Ever Look like a Honeymoon! Twisted Humor. 
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My Worst Dating Experiences

Collect All 7! + a Bonus!: My Buddy's Worst-Date-Ever that Makes my
Worst-Date-Ever Look like a Honeymoon!

Dating Jokes + Twisted Humor

by HogWild

1 - My worst date ever. For my 12th birthday, my parents threw me a party at a roller skating rink. Cool. My girlfriend was there. When it was time for couples skate, she broke up with me. Right before Couples Skate!!! On my birthday!!

I will never forgive you for that Barbara. To this day whenever I go roller skating and I hear the song "It Takes 2" by Rob Base... I crawl into a ball, slump into a corner, and cry like my dog was run over by one of those double-decker busses in London.

2 - This date was like me in 10th Grade during 3rd period... missing Chemistry.

The girl was kinda cute but there were no sparks. Was it her? Was she just kinda boring? Was it me? Did I not interest her? Maybe I need to do stuff on the date to spice things up. Like grab body parts.

The conversation was fine but only friendly. No sexual tension. That's weird because normally when I go a long time without sex, I feel A LOT of tension. Mostly in my b@lls region.

NOTE: B@lls Region is the medical term for the geographical area that includes the testicles, grundle, lower stomach, and pubic hair area. This Region has its own currency and military alliances. They are a much more powerful Region than say, the Brain Region.

Now you know there is no chemistry on a date when she starts asking you about how to fix her computer.


Actually 3 times.

During our initial phone conversation somehow she found out my deep dark secret... that I'm "good with computers." Trust me. I was NOT bragging about it to get laid!

NOTE: That only works the campus of engineering colleges. Guys brag about the size of their hardware in order to double-click on a girl's mouse.

So on the phone, I kind of gloss over her questions because I want to be her bang-buddy, not her computer repair man.

Though, in the back of my head I thought, when the time is right I will say, "So let's check out that computer of yours" and that will give me an excuse to get alone with her in her room. And that's when I'll plug in my portable hard drive.

Okay, so now we're on the date. I took her to this really classy bar. We're talking and crap. Then she goes, "So you're good with computers, right?"


"I need to back up my computer. What do you think is the best way to do this? Do you know what I should buy?"

So at first I playfully verbally bitch-slapped her. I responded by saying, "Easy with the computer talk. You're really turning me on!!!"

She laughs. Then she asks AGAIN!!

So I start fanning myself. "Is it getting hot in here?"

WTF, man!! Her profile said, "Dating Men" not "Seeking Dork to Fix my Computer because I'm a stupid C*nt"

I think the problem was that she was Jewish. And so am I. I think that was a turn-off for both of us. It was weird because when an Asian couple walked into the bar, we BOTH turned to look at them and licked our lips.

Even though I had as much interest in her as President Bush has in saving the whales, I asked her out on another date. Because I figured I already had 1 date down, and it's just 2 more until s*x.
(According to my Rules of Dating Handbook.) She turns me down saying she's "feeling more of a friend vibe." That means she'd rather feel her battery powered vibe than feel me.

It's too bad because she was in really good shape!
For a pear.

3 - I had it all planned. We get a nice romantic dinner in Queens then go into Manhattan to see the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center.

That's when she has the "emergency." I HAVE to drive her to her mom's apartment. Right now. Um, okay.

She tells me she'll only be a few minutes. She doesn't invite me up. So I wait in the car. As the clock ticks, I realize there is no way we will make it to Manhattan for the Christmas Tree lighting. She comes down 45 minutes later. I'm pissed. But what can you do? It's an emergency, right?

ME: So, uh, is everything okay?
HER: Yes, now it is okay. I promised my mother I would clean her shelves.
ME: Um, what?
HER: I made her a promise and I had to keep it.

This is the moment I realize this b!tch is crazy. This moment ALWAYS arrives. Just usually not on the 1st date.

4 -  You know a date is going to be awesome when you pick her up and she's already crying. Usually that doesn't happen to me until AFTER sex. This was in high school. Her parents had a big fight. But damn, girl. Either cancel the date or pull yourself together!

I guess that's why I didn't object 4 weeks later (when this chick was officially my girlfriend) and my best friend squirted an entire can of Cheez Whiz in her hair while she was sleeping.
(That's a story for another time.)

5 -  There was the time that accidentally had TWO dates for 1 cruise.

Also in high school. It was a Youth Group outing. The girl I originally asked on this "Cruise" (actually a bootleg circle tour around Manhattan) said no. So I asked another girl. I guess I was kind of dating both these girls at the same time. But I never signed the exclusivity agreement!

So the 1st girl surprises me by showing up to the cruise. She thought she was doing me this huge favor. She changed her mind! Yea!

Uh, I already had another date with me. A more mature HogWild would have gently explained the circumstances to her. But I was incapable of such a conversation at age 17. So I ignored her. And then I think I made out with the other girl in front of her. Oops.

So on the boat her friends are hissing at me, their fangs ready to sink into my neck. The girl asks me to step outside to the outer deck of the boat.

She looks up at me in the eyes and WHAAAAAAAACK! She slaps me hard across the face.

What a relief! I thought she was going to throw me overboard!

6 - This girl was so lame-o. First date. This is college. I take her to the movies. We're having fun. I put my arm around her.

HER: I don't do that on the 1st date.
ME: Do what?
HER: Touch.
ME: You mean you don't want my arm around your chair?

Not only did I not get to 1st base, she wouldn't even let me out of the dugout! She benched me!

Game over for her.

7 - Age 12. I had no idea what to do on a date. I'd seen my dad playfully squeeze my mom's thigh. (My dad is not a good role model for dating, or health, or finance, or personal hygiene.) So I'm with the girl in the movies and I squeeze her thigh.

She jumps up! She cries! She runs out of the theater. She tells her father.

I'm sorry! I wasn't going to touch you in your special place! I didn't even know you HAD a special place! I was a moron!

BONUS BONUS BONUS! - Okay this last story did NOT happen to me. No, really. But it's sooooo ridiculous I have to share it.

My buddy met this chick on the internet.

NOTE: For the last time this did NOT happen to me! I don't care if you believe me or not. Whatever!

Anyway the girl said she was 5'6", attractive, etc. My friend picks her up in his car. She is hobbling along on crutches. One of her legs is dragging along the ground. She's about 5 feet tall. Maybe.

Clearly this girl is not what she represented herself to be.

But my friend, having invested many hours chatting and emailing with her decides to soldier on.

He helps her crippled ass (uh, I mean disabled butt) into the car. She starts with the sex talk.

HER: You should know that I have a fake leg.
MY BUDDY: Oh. Okay. I figured something was going on.
HER: I'm really horny.
MY BUDDY: Wow. That's nice.
HER: Do you want to finger me?
MY BUDDY: You sure get right to the point!
HER: Okay, I just need to take off my diaper.
MY BUDDY: (silence)
HER: Can you help me with it?
MY BUDDY: (silence)

He closes his eyes. Breathes deep. And makes the decision of his life. Does he boink a desperately horny one-legged crippled girl wearing a diaper?

Sorry Fonz, but he makes a U-turn and takes her home.

The thing is that I think he would have agreed to sex with her if not for the diaper. The crutches, not-hotness of her face, and peg leg were not enough to deter him. But adult diapers is where he draws the line.

I guess it's all about standards.

Some guys demand an intelligent girl with a sense of humor. Some guys demand a girl with a hot body and confidence. And some guys have a strict No-Pampers rule.

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Dating Jokes. My Worst Dating Experiences. Collect All 7! + a Bonus!: My Buddy's Worst Date Ever that Makes my Worst Date Ever Look like a Honeymoon! Twisted Humor.
HOGWILD.NET  expert dating advice. helpful and hilarious videos!