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MySpace Losers

MySpace Jokes & Pictures

by HogWild

MySpace is a website where you can meet new people with similar interests, write a blog, and drool over pictures of hot bims. Mainly dudes use it to blog... about the hot chicks with similar interests they are emailing on MySpace. And by similar interests, that means the hot girls think they look really hot, too.

But the best are the nubs who post comments on the photos of  the hot girls. For instance: 1,267 people felt the need to write something important to the girl pictured above. Here is a sampling.

TO MIKE: The answer is no. But YOU are! Oh, and by the way, "vergin" is correctly spelled... M-i-k-e.

TO YO: Now that's romantic. That's how you compel a beautiful young lady to to correspond with you. "Yo, you be makin' my wee-wee all stiff and sh!t."

Sing along to the Divinyls: "When I think about you, I touch myself... whoa."

Yo should write a poem.

Your eyes mesmerize like a candle's lit wick...

I can't get my hand off my d!ck!

Your beauty charms and cures all who feel sick...

I can't get my hand off my d!ck!

A mystery hidden behind your smile, like a magician's trick

Yo... I can't get my hand... oh... I just nutted in my shorts.

TO JOHN: In real life, people laugh nervously after saying something stupid as a sign of insecurity. But your dumbass felt the need to add a nervous, insecure laugh on MySpace!

"Where have you been my whole life?" Uh, I know. Avoiding losers like you!

TO TRIBILIN: You win! The Winner of "Most Original Comment on MySpace" goes to.... Tribilin! Dude, if this girl had 3 comments, I could see you writing that... but she's got 1,267 comments ALREADY!!!! I think someone may have mentioned that her humongo boobs, tiny waist, and big eyes looked hot. You moron.

TO CHRIS: This is not a girl in your homeroom. Step your game up!

TO ALEX: So we can talk more? Um, dude, you never WERE "talking!" See, YOU were typing a 1 sentence note with 1 hand at 1 am on a Saturday night. SHE was going through her 1,267 comments while snorting a white line of ego-trip.

TO JORDAN: Um, I think you're too young to be getting hard. But just as a tip: while I am by no means a Don Juan, I DO know that alerting a female stranger to the state of your arousal RARELY results in a 1st date.

TO THiCK n PReCiOuS: Um, you commented on another woman's ass while holding your baby. ATTENTION ALL SUPER-CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS: You don't want 2 gay people to be allowed to raise a child, yet there is a woman who calls herself THICK N PRECIOUS running around commenting on women's asses while holding her baby. Just think about that.

TO JAMES: This is the best comment ever! Really! I have no idea what it means, but it made me laugh! You rule!!!

TO ANDREW: Allow me to answer for Ms. Somaya Reece, "No. Never. Never-ever. Never-never-never-never-never-NEVER-4-ever! AND ever."




After you stop laughing at Ricky, may I say, that he embodies on the OUTSIDE what all of these losers look like... on the inside. They are ALL Ricky's.

Because you're horny:


After you're done adding the 1,268th comment to her picture, you can add me as your friend.




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