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Behind the Scenes of Comedy Central's Premium Blend

Jokes & Pictures. Interview with Michelle Buteau

by HogWild

Michelle Buteau is a very funny comic based in New York City. She just earned her big television break, being selected to
appear on Comedy Central's Premium Blend. Michelle took time-out from her "day-job" to talk with me on the telephone.

me: Tell us about Premium Blend.

Michelle: If people have seen the show, they know they will see fresh new comedy. I liked every person they had on this season. Every person was completely unique. They had comedians from all over the country. I heard all new bits.

me: A lot of people don't realize how much work goes into your 7 minute set.

Michelle: Yeah, it took me 4 years to make those 7 minutes. Four years to get TV producers to say, We like your 7 minutes."

me: Did the show censor any of your material?

Michelle: Yes. I say, "My ex-boyfriend was so fat I didn't know whose t!tty I was sucking." Turns out you can say t!tty, but you can't say sucking the t!tty. They also didn't want me to say "vagina." After talking to the producers, I realized I don't
have any pull. When it's your 1st TV appearance, they have the say.

me: So Comedy Central picks you out of all the comedians to interview host Damon Wayans for the web site. What did you ask him?

Michelle: I felt like I should get to the hard hitting issues. So I asked him "Chicken wings or chicken tenders? Al Green or
Marvin Gaye?"
They didn't showcase me on the web site because I guess it's about him... whatever.

me: What was it like to interview a big star like Damon?

Michelle: Well, Damon had top notch lotion. Us black people get ashy. And when he needed a lozenge, someone ran down to get it!

me: Was this your first celebrity interview?

Michelle: I've also interviewed Chris Rock. He is a completely serious businessman off-stage. I thought Damon would be like
Homey the Clown offstage. You want to break him, but I couldn't do that with Damon.

me: What was the best advice for comedians that Damon gave?

Michelle: "Nothing is sacred. You gotta do it and do all of it."

me: What was the coolest part about doing Premium Blend?

Michelle: It was amazing to be treated like a professional. They pay you to do what you do every night for free.

me: How do you feel about your debut Premium Blend performance?

Michelle: I felt like I did really well. "I felt like Chris Rock with titties."

See Michelle Buteau on Comedy Central's Premium Blend: Friday, December 2nd at 11:30 PM. (And in reruns if you miss it!)

Watch Michelle's interview with Damon Wayans!


Visit Michelle's web site




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