♥ How Do I Get out of a Bad Relationship (Overcome Fear of Being Alone)Expert Dating Advice


How Do I Get out of a Bad Relationship (Overcome Fear of Being Alone)

by me, HogWild


True story time!

NERD BOY: I love stories! Especially TRUE stories that take place in the future -- in outer space! Hey, it MIGHT become true because it hasn't happened yet! We can only HOPE that we colonize the moon of Gfalghack. I hear it's hot but not too humid!

I have a friend I've known since childhood and she... is... beautiful. Really.

She's also very smart with a tip-top education. She's funny. She has a great job that pays her very well. She has a sweet place to live. She's outgoing with lots of friends and she's got a killer bod.

I caught up with her recently and she was telling me how she stayed with her last boyfriend for YEARS because she was scared she'd be alone and never find someone else. HER!

OK, look, if you've got large breasts on your back

and hair sprouting from weird places


and you're poor with no hope for the future and you're so dumb that if you were in a comic book, your thought bubble would be empty... then yes, you SHOULD have fear. Fear of staying that way!

But otherwise, if you're putting forth an honest effort, then you deserve to be happy in your relationship. There are many reasons to stay in your relationship during the tough times to work it out and improve it but FEAR is not a good reason.

Staying in a bad relationship because of fear will keep you from meeting someone else who will treat you better.

NERD BOY: Like me! I'll treat you like a Princess of Planet Yarfalackgaf-chagarbdarblarb.

Fear can be a good thing because it can keep you out of trouble and act as a motivator. But Fear can also keep you stagnated. And in this case, fear has hurt my friend. Why?

Because of the one thing in life you can never get back...

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- Don't stay in a relationship because you're scared you'll be alone! if you are able to showcase your awesomeness, there are SO MANY single humans out there who are feeling just like you!

- Having the skill of meeting new people will give you the CONFIDENCE you need to never stay in a craptacular relationship out of fear. It's like this, when there is one...

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♥ How Do I Get out of a Bad Relationship (Overcome Fear of Being Alone)Expert Dating Advice
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