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Professional Dating Advice

♥ Dating Advice: How do I get my ex-girlfriend back?

by me, HogWild


J in Chicago writes...

Hey Hog,

Last year I dated this girl and we went back and forth and it was messy at times, part was my fault. I did not want to commit to only her, even though I really liked her. I still like her a lot.

About 6 months ago, she told me that we were only going to be friends and nothing more. I took it hard.

I hadn't talked to her since then.

So I saw her a few nights ago and all my feelings for her stirred up. I felt hurt and I really liked seeing her.

I didn't say hello, I know she saw me but I don't know if she knows I saw her.

I know there are a lot of girls out there but I really like this one. I'm not sure that I gave us a fair chance because I was... a moron.

I've grown now from that experience and others and also thanks to your videos.

Bro, I know there are more fish in the sea but I really like that fish.

In the past I went all out for her. I took flowers to her house and I've never done that for any girl! I just could not get through to her.

There are a hundred things that I would do differently now.

Is there anything I can do to get another shot with her? How should I act if we shake hands?

- J in Chicago

If you shake hands, say to her in a ridiculously polite manner, "Hellooooo! A pleasure to meet you, young lass. Excuse me while I polish my monocle.

"Admittedly, when we were an item, I was unsophisticated, unrefined, brutish... salacious, licentious, lascivious, lecherous... in short... a crude, lewd, dude.

"But since then, I've changed. And I've purchasd a thesaurus."

I recommend you take one of TWO strategies. Your choice.

Strategy 1: Ego-Lady-boner to the Maximum

Embarrass yourself for her. Give her a huge ego-boner she can't resist. I mean, one that really rips a tent in her emotional panties.

Wow! That's a disgusting mental image! hahhaa

Show her you've changed and you are all about her. And ONLY her.

This will work as long as she is still attracted to you. She will be flattered.

Also, timing is important. This will work better if she's not already satisfied in another relationship.

You brought her flowers? That's not enough, man! We're talking DEDICATE yourself to her. Tell her you only want HER. If you love her... this would be a good time to drop the L-bomb.

If you don't love her, don't say it!

Or say... "Listen, you were 100% right to push me away because I didn't appreciate what we had together. I was immature. I've learned a lot since then.

"You know why? Because you've inspired me.

"I've had a chance to reflect on things and... I didn't think I wanted a relationship. I was being a boy. Now I'm ready to be a man for you. I want you. And only you.

"Being without you in my life has made me realize how much I WANT you in my life. I want to give to you. I want to hold your hand while we walk down street. I want to hold you while we sleep. I want to cuddle while we watch a movie in bed. I want to wake up next to you every morning so I can start every day by kissing your pretty face.

"I think... I know that if you gave me another chance... that we could fall in love. I really care about you. Let me show you. You don't have to agree to anything right now except that I want to take you out Friday night to dinner. My treat. I have a fun night planned for us. If you're up for it."

Now, of course, change the details to match your personality and hers.

For instance, you might change the the words "my treat" to "let's split the bill" and the word "dinner" to "Laser Tag". Of course, these minor edits might affect your success. hahaha :)

Strategy 2...

This is taken from my Premium Members section where I post my new videos.

Here are some more tips, but only Premium Members get the entire video + access to over 125 full dating and relationship videos in the Video Vault!

- Begin talking to her regularly. This is where the bond strengthens. Show her how you listen and sympathize with her. Tell her stories that highlight your awesomeness without bragging. Watch my videos #332 and 335 about how to tell a story. Watch video 220 for tips on getting a girl super attracted to you.

- And this quick trick is VERY powerful, let her see you with...

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Comment below! Have you ever tried to get your ex-partner back after really screwing up? How did you do it?

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♥ Dating Advice: How do I get my ex-girlfriend back? Expert Dating Advice
HOGWILD.NET  expert dating advice. helpful and hilarious videos!