♥ Dating Advice: Conversation Skills: How to get someone to tell you their stories (And why it's important) Expert Dating Advice


Dating Advice: Conversation Skills: How to get someone to tell you their stories (And why it's important)

by me, HogWild


Improving your conversational skills will increase your powers of being awesome. One way to improve your conversation skills is to get the other person to tell you their stories.

This will give you the ability to get to know that girl or guy much faster. It will help you two become closer. Most people enjoy telling their stories to a good listener! So this will make you much more fun to hang out with.

#1 Rule: Never be judgmental.

Yes you are evaluating them. No you don't have to be permissive of everything. Of course, you can disagree.

But... if you are first trying to LEARN who they are -- don't judge. Listen. Encourage.


YOU: Wow, what a great story about that year you spent in prison! You say you had an unfair trial but let's be real. You committed a crime so you should do the time! I hope you learned your lesson. ALWAYS pick up your dog's poo... because an elderly person might slip on it and fall into the street and get run over by an ambulance.


YOU: Wow, what a great story about that time you made love to every member of The Flaming Gall Bladders in the same night! You must have incredible endurance!

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Encourage the other person to tell stories so you can learn about them quickly.

One time I was hanging out with this girl and I got this kind of druggy vibe from her. And for me, this is a dealbreaker. Our conversation went like this:

HER: Yeah, I still smoke pot sometimes.

ME: Oh, a lot of people do that. Have ever tried anything more adventurous? Ya know like heroin or something?

HER: Umm...

ME: I heard it's an amazing high. Have you ever tried it?

HER: Yeah, I tried it a couple times.


No. That's what I thought in my MIND. hahaha :) No, I just realized that her and I probably were not compatible. I continued the conversation politely but I knew this wouldn't be a romantic match.

Tell your own stories so the other person can feel like they can open up with you, too.

NERD BOY: And that's the story of how I lost... oh... I promised myself I wouldn't choke up... I lost her because I I suffocated her! I should have allowed more air circulation. I should have known she'd be gone when she started making those clicking noises. Oh how I miss that external hard drive!

Get a girl or a guy to tell you their stories by asking! And then LISTEN carefully to the stories -- and this is BIG... comment on parts of the story. And ask QUESTIONS about the story.

Here are Two Big things you must NOT do...

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- You know you're losing them when they start giving you superficial answers or cliched responses. You're WINNING them over when they tell you more personal stories and emotions.

- There are TWO very important reasons why you want to get a girl or guy to tell you their stories...

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♥ Dating Advice: Conversation Skills: How to get someone to tell you their stories (And why it's important) Expert Dating Advice
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